When you become a Bicycle Network member you will join 50,000 other Australians who are working together to make bike riding easier for everyone.


Bicycle Network is Australia’s largest community of people who love riding bikes. Together, our voices are stronger, which is really important when it comes to lobbying for better riding conditions. With your support, together we can create a more bike-friendly Australia.


Together we can build more places to ride

We believe that together we can build better riding conditions in your local area. From re-instating College St in Sydney to resolving Collins St in Hobart, from separating lanes on Melbourne’s St Kilda Rd to establishing lanes on Darwin’s Bagot Rd, Bicycle Network is always there, rolling into the fray, campaigning and advocating for better riding conditions.

Gathering the compelling evidence for our case, Bicycle Network's annual Super Counts (Super Tuesday and Super Sunday) are visual surveys of cycling and active travel patterns. We coordinate over 1,600 volunteers Australia-wide to complete the task but this big effort is worthwhile, as the Super Counts are proven to convince local and state governments to develop more bike routes for you.

By becoming a Bicycle Network member, you are directly funding our advocates and program managers to win better bike lanes and riding conditions in your local neighbourhood. Take a look at our most current campaign for revitalising Sydney Road.


Together we can fight for riders rights

From supporting riders who have an incident on the road to calling for an overhaul of licensing laws, we fight for all kinds of bike riders.

In 2013 Julian Paul was killed while riding by Melbourne woman Stephanie Maher. Through a lengthy court process we supported Mr Paul's family and in September 2016 Stephanie Maher was sentenced to 11 years in jail. Despite a record of more than 30 driving offences, Ms Maher was able to regain her license and keep driving. Only after taking a man's life is she now off the road.

We're calling for a more stringent licensing system to ensure serial driving offenders are deemed fit and proper before they can return behind the wheel. Learn more about our five key surveillance and education measures and join our petition here.

For more than 40 years we've made a lot of progress by improving conditions for all kinds of bike riders, but there's still so much to be done. With the support of our members, together we can fight for riders rights, improve conditions in your local area and help create a more bike-friendly Australia.


Together we can get more kids active

We believe that together we can get young people more healthy and active. Currently only around one in five Australian children meet the recommended one hour of physical activity every day. That leaves four out of five at serious risk of health problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In their teens, young people are dropping physical activity and establishing unhealthy habits that last a lifetime.

Our Ride2School program has 3,000 registered schools already, allowing students to get physically active on their journey to school, but we think we can do better! Ride2School works with schools to help create a friendlier environment for kids by taking more cars off the road, providing students with the skills to ride safely and influencing councils to build new bike riding infrastructure around schools.

Ride2School’s Mind.Body.Pedal initiative targets teenage girls, because they are the most likely to decline into an unhealthy lack of physical activity. Our one-day, multi-faceted workshops break down the barriers to health that girls face.

With the support of our members, together we can get more kids active through Ride2School and shape positive behaviour for the future.


Together we can share the joy of riding

Whether you clock up the kms every weekend, enjoy a regular commute to work or just tread the pedals on the odd occasion, we're united on a mission to make bike riding easier for everyone.

Our Australia-wide event program helps to show people what's possible. With back-up support, altered riding conditions and mass numbers of riders, Bicycle Network events inspire a future of riding for many new bike riders.

Bicycle Network's Ride2Work program encourages Australians to start commuting by bike to work and helps them continue to ride regularly. With more than 67,000 riders who register each year, this is the largest behaviour change program of its kind, improving the health and happiness of new people every day.

With the support of our members, together we can deliver fantastic events and programs that inspire new riders and help us share the joy of riding.