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Bike riding insurance

Bicycle Network membership includes premium bike riding insurance which provides cover in these three very important ways.

Medical coverage


Income protection
Third party coverage
Insurance benefits* Covered Limit 
Non-Medicare medical costs  Yes $7,500 
Loss of earnings  Yes $1,000/week 
Rehabilitation Yes $10,000
Home help expenses Yes $5,000
Chauffeur plan Yes $2,500
Permanent injury Yes $100,000
Injury to someone else Yes $5 million
Damage to someone else’s property Yes $5 million
Riders rights advice and help recovery costs from a third party Yes
Initial consultation with our partner law firm Yes

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Sometimes you need that extra peace of mind for your favourite two wheeled machine. We’ve got you covered with some optional extras.

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CycleSafe is a bespoke Home Contents Insurance policy that protects your bicycles with just as much care and attention as your general home and contents. Endorsed by Bicycle Network, CycleSafe is the perfect home and contents insurance policy for biking enthusiasts.

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