Basic cover

Basic cover membership

What is it?

Stuff happens and it’s important to know that if things go wrong, you’re covered.

From only $80/year, our Basic Cover membership includes third-party liability that covers you for damage to someone else or their property for up to $5 million. It’s designed to give you peace of mind, every time you’re out on the bike.

You’ll also get access to a range of exclusive member benefits including Bicycle Network Cashback member rewards program, special offers from our partners like 99 Bikes and discounts to our world-class events.

Join today and help us fight for a more bike-friendly Australia.


What’s included?

Up to $5 million liability cover
Access to legal support
Support our advocacy
Cashback member rewards
Discounts from our partners
Best price on our big rides

Basic cover membership


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Want to make sure you're covered for personal injury? Check out our premium membership.



Here are the answers to your most common questions.

If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us via our website, on 1800 639 634 or via Facebook.

Does this membership cover me if I'm injured in an incident on my bike?

No, the Basic Cover membership does not include personal injury insurance. To make sure you’re covered every time you ride as well, check out our premium membership option.

Is there an excess?

Yes. There is a $1000 excess applies to all third-party liability claims.

Am I covered for racing?

You are covered for any ride or race that is run by Bicycle Network.

I want to make a claim. Where do I start?

Call us on  (03) 8376 8888 and book a time to speak with our Riders’ Rights team. They’ll talk you through how to claim.

Can I get the driver/other person(s) involved in the incident to pay for my bike/property damages?

Yes you can, if they’re at fault. You need to take pictures of your property damage. Although it’s hard to go without your bike, we recommend that you don’t get it fixed straight away.

Get in contact with us (03) 8376 8888 and we’ll talk you though the best way to go about this as it may differ depend on the situation. Just remember where possible at the time of the accident to get the driver’s details or person(s) involved details.