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Our national Super Counts program helps guide investment infrastructure in local communities

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Why Super Counts?

Super Tuesday and Super Sunday counts collect active travel data for local councils, including gender, time and directional flow.

Our counts help track progress, and identify areas of improvement to inform active transport policy with the goal of making it easier for more people to choose active modes everyday.

The Super Counts data, includes:
  • Gender
  • User type (walker, runner, cyclist, scooter or other)
  • Total numbers in 15 minute or 1 hour time intervals
  • Directional flow of all user movements at each intersection

In the past year, more than sixty local council areas across Australia have participated in Super Sunday and Super Tuesday counts, to help track active transport performance and inform infrastructure delivery.

Get in touch to learn more about our Super Counts and how they can be used to improve cycling conditions in your local area.

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Bike commuters on Super Tuesday

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Help count bikes in your local area

Volunteers counters

Join thousands of volunteer counters across the country as part of Australia’s largest visual bike counts. The data collected is used by governments to improve bike riding conditions in your local area!

Each volunteer receives a donation towards any nominated charity, school, sports club or any other not-for-profit organisation. It’s a fantastic fundraising opportunity!

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