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We’re fighting to improve bike riding conditions, build more facilities and create fairer legislation for bike riders. Help us make it easier for everyone to ride everyday.

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All Tasmanian Campaigns

Look for the campaign to improve bicycle infrastructure closest to you, or for campaigns that have been run in past years.

Separated cycleways

Together we can build more separated cycleways so people aged 8-80 feel comfortable riding for transport

Bike thefts

The number of bikes stolen across Victoria are on the rise each year. There are simple steps we can take to reduce the risk.

NSW Council Elections 2021

This Victorian Council Election, help elect candidates that support people friendly streets.

Road project bicycle outcomes

Take a look at state government road projects that should also have benefits for bicycle riders.

City council bicycle votes

Check out how your city councillors have voted on issues or asked questions about bicycle projects/issues.

North East Rail Trail

Together we can build an iconic tourism experience and local transport corridor

North West Coastal Pathway

Together we can build an iconic tourism experience and local transport corridor

Safer heavy vehicles

Bicycle Network is calling on state and federal governments to invest in safety technologies that will make our Australian heavy vehicles safer.

Improving the Tasman Bridge path

Together we can improve the Tasman Bridge path for bicycle riders.

Media and politician contacts

Find the contacts you need to campaign for better bicycle infrastructure

Linking Collins Street

Together we can complete Hobart's missing link and fix Collins Street

Rocherlea to Inveresk path

Together we can complete the separated path between Rocherlea and Inveresk.

Bike riding and climate change

Bike riding can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate change.

Clarence Street bike lanes

Together we can create a safer route down Clarence Street

Kingston to Huntingfield

Together we can create a safer route between Kingston and Huntingfield along the Channel Highway.

Battery Point Foreshore

Together we can connect Sandy Bay to the Hobart city foreshore.

Hobart Airport connections

Making it easier to get to and from Hobart Airport

Humphreys Rivulet

Together we can build a safer alternative to Tolosa Street

Lutana Link

Together we can build a safer alternative to Tolosa Street

Derwent Valley Rail Trail

Together we can build an iconic tourism experience and local recreational path

Heritage Forest to Vermont Road

Help us seal the path to Vermont Road

Budget submissions

Bicycle Network make a number of submissions to government throughout the year to help make bike riding easier.

Evaluating pop-up bike lanes

Together we can make sure that Victoria's new bike lanes get a fair evaluation and create a change forever.

National Road Safety Strategy

Vulnerable road users must be prioritised in the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) 2021-2030.

Pedalling to a better normal

Let your local politicians know that you want more space for bikes as we welcome the increase in riding during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is a huge risk to people riding bikes and other vulnerable road users.

Low speed locals

Together we can lower speed limits on local roads.

Footpath riding

Raise the age of footpath riding – together we can make sure Australians of any age can ride on the footpath.


Dooring causes serious injury and death for bike riders – together we can focus attention on dooring and establish effective prevention.

What we've achieved

Previous campaigns

As Australia’s largest membership-based bike riding organisation with nearly 50,000 members, we’ve made real progress improving conditions for all bike riders over the past 40 years.

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