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We’re fighting to improve bike riding conditions, build more facilities and create fairer legislation for bike riders. Help us make it easier for everyone to ride everyday.

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Government submissions

Bicycle Network is here to keep you up to date with what parties are promising for bikes at the Tasmanian election.

Footpath riding

Raise the age of footpath riding – together we can make sure Australians of any age can ride on the footpath.

Humphreys Rivulet

Together we can build a safer alternative to Tolosa Street

The Bay Trail

Together we can extend and connect the Bay Trail in the City of Kingston.


We look at the policies that make it easier or harder to ride a bike.

Bike riding conditions

Are things getting better for bike riders? What needs to be done? We want to know what you think. Take the simple bike riding conditions survey and help us push for better conditions for all bike riders.


Dooring causes serious injury and death for bike riders – together we can focus attention on dooring and establish effective prevention.

Say no to rego

Say no to rego – together we can make sure bike registration and licencing will never exist in Australia. There are better things we can do.

Extend TAC coverage

Together we can extend TAC coverage to anyone riding a bike on our roads and paths.

Minimum passing distance law

Together we can pressure the government to introduce minimum passing distance legislation in Victoria.

Riding two abreast

Bicycle Network supports laws that allow two bike riders to travel side-by-side, or two abreast. It's an important rule that improves visibility and safety.

Automated vehicles

Automated vehicle technology is quickly progressing. We need to make sure that bikes are not forgotten when driverless cars hit the road.

St Kilda Road

Together we can fix St Kilda Road.

Gipps Street steps

Together we can banish the Gipps Street steps.

Darebin Bridge

Together we can link the Darebin Creek Trail to the Main Yarra Trail

Chandler Highway

Together we can reduce risk for riders on the Chandler Highway

Sydney Road

Together we can revitalise Melbourne's Sydney Road.

Driver licence reform

Together we can stop serial driving offenders risking the lives of vulnerable road users.

King Street

Together we can connect Sydney's King Street.

College Street

Together we can connect bring back the College Street cycleway

What we've achieved

Previous campaigns

As Australia’s largest membership-based bike riding organisation with over 50,000 members, we’ve made real progress improving conditions for all bike riders over the past 40 years.

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