Our Campaigns


We’re fighting to improve bike riding conditions, build more facilities and create fairer legislation for bike riders. Help us make it easier for everyone to ride everyday.

Extend TAC coverage

Together we can extend TAC coverage to anyone riding a bike on our roads and paths.

Gipps Street steps

Together we can banish the Gipps Street steps.

St Kilda Road

Together we can fix St Kilda Road.

Driver licence reform

Together we can stop serial driving offenders risking the lives of vulnerable road users.

Sydney Road

Together we can revitalise Melbourne's Sydney Road.

King Street

Together we can connect Sydney's King Street.

College Street

Together we can connect bring back the College Street cycleway

Sydney Harbour Bridge steps

Together we can fix the Sydney Harbour Bridge steps.

Rail Trails in NSW

Due to government inaction on state legislation and local landholder opposition, NSW bike riders are missing out.

Collins Street

Together we can connect Hobart's Collins Street.

North West Coastal Pathway

Together we can fill the missing link and create a world class coastal trail in Tasmania's North West.

Battery Point Foreshore

Together we can connect Sandy Bay to the Hobart city foreshore.

Low speed locals

Together we can lower speed limits on local roads.

Light Up!

Together we can light up and be seen.

What we've achieved

Previous campaigns

As Australia’s largest membership-based bike riding organisation with over 50,000 members, we’ve made real progress improving conditions for all bike riders over the past 40 years.

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