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We support over 2,500 schools around Australia, helping to break down the barriers that prevent more students from staying active on their journey to school.

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Our tools and initiatives are available to both primary and secondary schools across Victoria, Tasmania and NSW.

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Schools in the Ride2School program can apply for grants up to the value of $5,000. Grant money can be used on bike parking, Ride2School Active Paths, a fleet of bikes for the school, financial contributions to a new bike shed and much more!

Schools aren’t limited in what they can apply for, as long as they can demonstrate a willingness to support more students actively traveling to school.

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Active Paths

Active Paths are designated routes to school that have been identified in conjunction with the local council and the school community. They are designed to make the journey to school as clear, popular and fun as possible.

This provides the school community a network of routes that allow all students to actively travel at least part of the way on their journey to school with great benefits:

  • Reduced traffic congestion outside the school
  • Students arrive alert and ready to learn
  • Students that actively travel contribute to their daily amount of physical activity.

Active maps

School maps are local area maps that identify walking and riding routes to school within a five and ten minute zone to your school., including part-way drop off points for families that live outside the walk zone.

We can work with your school to develop the map and identify the routes that work best for your community.

Active studies

Kids actively travelling to school

Active studies are designed to identify current behaviours in a school community and understand their attitudes towards riding, walking, scooting and skating to school.

They identify the main barriers preventing school aged children actively travelling to school and help plan effective initiatives to encourage greater active travel behaviour by students.

School visits

Ride2School school visit

The Ride2School team visit schools registered in the program to discuss their situation and offer a toolkit of resources that will help reduce the barriers to active travel.

The format of our visits to schools can include:

  • School or class presentations
  • Awards
  • Consulting

Printable resources

Preparing for independent travel
Health and active travel

This infographic is designed to show the benefits of increased physical activity with students and the school community.

Bike riding essential tools
Bike essentials

A list of the essential items you or your child need when out riding. The guide covers the most common issues you may encounter on the bike.

Bike M check
The M Check

You don’t need to be a mechanic to give your student’s or children’s bikes a quick check. Here’s an infographic to help you get started.

Bike helmet check guide
Helmet Fit Guide

Helmets are compulsory for bike riding. A poor fitting helmet is almost as useless as a missing helmet. Here’s a guide to correctly fit your helmet.

Group riding tips
Group Riding Basics

There are a number of skills that are essential when riding in a large group. We’ve listed the top 10 tips that all young riders should start to learn.

School students becoming active travel ambassadors
Active Travel Ambassadors (Curriculum resource)

A unit aimed at grade 4–6 students to research, design, implement and evaluate campaigns to get students active on their journey to school.


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