Bike education program

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The Ride2School team are fully qualified to help enhance and deliver a bike ed training course at your school!

Curriculum resource

Bike education lesson plans

An essential resource for teachers wanting to create their own bike education lesson plan. Simply pick and choose the lesson modules that fit into your time frame. Register your details below and we’ll send out a PDF download.

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Need help?

Bike education

Our team are qualified in Bike Ed and are available to assist in running a smooth program at your school.

Whats available?
  • Pre course advice and planning
  • Presenting bike safety and maintenance sessions
  • Providing Qualified staff to assist on riding outside school grounds
  • Assist with Interschool Bike Ed Challenge events
  • End of course riding celebration events
  • Equipment and resources
Kids riding at Bike ed

Bike education

Teacher professional development

Ride2School are here to give teachers as much information and assistance as required to ensure a safe and smooth delivery of bike education. That’s why we’ve established a teacher professional development program.

Bike education curriculum resource

Take teachers through the curriculum resource and give tips and tricks for school delivery

Basic bike maintenance and mechanics

Designed to teach teachers basic bike maintenance to ensure their students have safe bicycles and/or how to maintain a school fleet of bikes.

Customised PDs

Want some other bike related professional development? Chat with our team to tailor a PD for your needs

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Ride2School teach development

Get your school more healthy and active

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