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Training Programs

Our Peaks Challenge Falls Creek specific training programs are created by Dr. Stephen Lane from HPTek and 8 hour wave leader for Team Bicycle Network. The three programs are based on your expected volume of training (hours of training per week), so choose one that fits you.

Stephen will share fortnightly videos to run through the upcoming elements of the training programs and give you a better understanding of what is needed to achieve your goal. We’ll also host upcoming Facebook Live streams on our Facebook page so be sure to hit ‘going’ and keep up to date.

Training programs


Peaks Challenge X Tour de France

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek has long been regarded as one of the hardest rides in Australia but how does it stack up against a mountain stage of the Tour de France?

Are you ready to tackle Peaks Challenge?

Not sure if you're ready to tackle Peaks Challenge? We chatted to 12 hour wave leader Crossy about his motivation and what keeps him coming back for more.

Training Programs

Our Peaks Challenge Falls Creek specific training programs are created by Dr. Stephen Lane from HPTek and 8 hour wave leader for Team Bicycle Network.

12 things to know when signing up

Everyone has a different motivation to join Peaks Challenge, but here's 12 things you should know when you're signing up.

Nutrition tips

A Peaks Challenge ride is gruelling – you need to keep yourself fuelled to tackle the climbs and power through the kilometres.

One month to go

We’re now on the final straight, charging towards Peaks Challenge Falls Creek – one of the most challenging rides of the year. It's not too late to gear up.

Special thanks to Winners

Event nutrition

Winners Peaks Challenge nutrition pack
Peaks Challenge Nutrition Pack – Save 40%

The Peaks Challenge Nutrition Pack contains a mix of products to help ensure you have the nutrition you need to train for the event and perform at your best. Winners Energy Bars are a great source of low GI carbohydrates, whilst the gels and chews give you the quick energy boost to maximise performance throughout every session.

Winners 10% discount offer

Winners are offering a 10% discount from for all riders participating in Peaks Challenge 2019.

Use coupon code: Peaks2019

Join the club

Bicycle Network’s Strava club has a whole host of like-minded athletes and regular training rides. Join the club and stay tuned for local training rides in the lead up to events near you.

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Your domestiques

Team Bicycle Network

At Peaks Challenge we don’t just provide you with food and water. We have a full team dedicated to setting the pace, rhythm and the attitude that’s required for a good day in the saddle.

You can expect lots of encouragement, support and help with pace setting from Team Bicycle Network.

Team Bicycle Network

Team Bicycle Network

Training rides

Training rides

Team Bicycle Network are not just your domestiques on event day. They put in time and effort during their training to help you keep your preparation on track. Our 2019 training rides have now finished.

Be sure to check out the the Bicycle Network strava club so you’re the first to hear when new training rides are released.


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