Peaks Challenge Falls Creek

Training & Preparation

Formulated by HPTEK

Training Programs

Our tailored 16-week training programs are created by Dr. Stephen Lane from HPTek and kick-off in mid November each year. Mark the date in your calendar and start getting some climbs in the legs!

Stephen is an 8 hour wave leader for Team Bicycle Network and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals – whether that’s completing your first Peaks Challenge or going faster than before.

Mt Hotham climb - Peaks Challenge


Are you ready to tackle Peaks Challenge?

Not sure if you're ready to tackle Peaks Challenge? We chatted to 12 hour wave leader Crossy about his motivation and what keeps him coming back for more.

Descending with confidence

A group of riders from our Women's Community recently caught up for a good old fashion descending skills session. Check out the key takeaways for going downhill at Peaks.

Nutrition tips

A Peaks Challenge ride is gruelling – you need to keep yourself fuelled to tackle the climbs and power through the kilometres.

Intro to training zones

Whether you are a first timer or a returning rider that wants achieve your goal time, following a structured training plan is a great way to ensure you are ticking all the boxes to achieve optimal fitness.

Building your base fitness

Our 16-week training plans kick off in November, but there’s plenty you can do from early spring to start building a solid base fitness on the bike.

12 things to know when signing up

Everyone has a different motivation to join Peaks Challenge, but here's 12 things you should know when you're signing up.

Towards 50/50

Women's Community

At Bicycle Network, we’re committed to getting more women riding and addressing the gender imbalance in bike riding. In the lead up to Peaks Challenge 2022 we will have tailored events and support for women who are keen to have a crack at the event but are not sure where to start, or women who are looking for like-minded riders.

Pre-event info session (online)

Thinking of taking on Peaks Challenge Falls Creek?

Watch our latest video from Women’s Community info night where Team Bicycle Network’s female wave leaders talk about the ride and answer questions on how to prepare.

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Pair up for Peaks

We all know that Peaks Challenge Falls Creek can be a daunting yet rewarding experience.

We’re trying to make it easier to pair up and share the experience with someone else looking to take on the challenge who is in a similar boat; be it training, car pooling, splitting accommodation, or sharing tips and tricks!

Simply join the “Bicycle Network Women’s Community” Facebook group and create a post using the hashtag #pairupforpeaks. You can also search the hashtag #pairupforpeaks in the group to find previous posts and connect with other women taking part in the event.

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Pair Up for Peaks

Women’s Community rider stories

Meg masters the mountains

While Meg was in Bright with her partner and his mates, there wasn’t an expectation that Meg was taking part on the big day... this...

Ela digs deep to conquer Peaks

When COVID reared its ugly head in 2020 and forced us all to rethink our routine; for Ela, this meant riding. So she committed to...

Anna’s three Peaks experiences

Anna’s Peaks Challenge Falls Creek experiences have varied from a year of firsts, a year of improvement and a year of challenges, but she pedals...

Candice’s can do attitude

Peaks 2020 was Candice's first cycling event, ever. Having only been riding a couple of months and with the memories of her partner's torturous experience...

Consistency wins the day for Kathy

Kathy describes her bike riding as consistently slow. But her mental game is consistently strong, and she got the job done... twice!...

Michelle’s Peaks Challenge experience

For Michelle, the feeling of finishing Peaks Challenge for the first time in 2021 is a tough one to describe.

Training rides

Dandenongs training ride for Peaks Challenge

Team Bicycle Network are not just your domestiques on event day. They put in time and effort during their training to help you keep your preparation on track.

Regular training rides will be scheduled from November – March.

Don’t forget to join the Bicycle Network strava club so you’re the first to hear when new training ride dates are released.


Join the club

Bicycle Network’s Strava club has a whole host of like-minded athletes and regular training rides. Join the club and stay tuned for local training rides in the lead up to events near you.

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Your domestiques

Team Bicycle Network

At Peaks Challenge we don’t just provide you with food and water. We have a full team dedicated to setting the pace, rhythm and the attitude that’s required for a good day in the saddle.

You can expect lots of encouragement, support and help with pace setting from Team Bicycle Network.

Team Bicycle Network

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