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Training Programs

Starting 18 November 2019

16 week training programs

Our dedicated cycling coach Dr Stephen Lane has refreshed the three brand new training plans to help you smash your goals in 2020. The programs assume you will commence the first week with some kilometres already in the legs. Week one kicks off 18 November 2019.

Low volume

The low volume training program will average 10 hours of training a week.

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Intermediate volume

The intermediate volume training program will average 12 hours of training a week.

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High volume

The high volume training program will average 16.5 hours of training a week.

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Video #1

2020 training – Dr. Stephen Lane is back

Are you ready to kick off your Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2020 campaign? Secure your spot on the start line and check in with our dedicated coach Stephen Lane as he brings you all the vital information you need to to smash your 2020 goals.

In this video, Dr Stephen Lane from HPTek runs over some key dates leading up to Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2020 and gives a breakdown of whats to come in the coming weeks on the journey to Peaks Challenge Falls Creek. 

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Video #2

Intro to training programs

In this video Stephen outlines the basic structure of the 16 week Peaks Challenge Falls Creek training programs. It includes setting up training zones based on FTP, power or exertion of effort.

Stephen goes through the first few of weeks of the training programs to make sure you are up to speed for when they kick off on Monday 18th November.

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Video #3

Training over the festive season

In this video Stephen runs through how to stay active and train over the holiday period (December – January).

Stephen provides a run-down on how to adapt the training programs so you can still stay on top of your training over the festive season, so you can still acheive your #Peaks2020 riding goals.

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Video #4

Pacing Tactics

In this video Stephen and James Garriok discuss pacing tactics and talk you through how to get the best of out our body on race day.

Stephen and James provide a sound game plan for your race day and give you the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ on how to achieve your best #Peaks2020 ride time.

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Video #5

Bike Check 101

Don’t leave your bike service/check till the final hour. Stephen runs through when you should get your bike serviced and what you should being checking. 

The last thing you want is a mechanical at the start of your ride. Don’t keep on putting this task off, book in your service early!

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Video #6

Good luck for #Peaks2020

With Peaks Challenge Falls Creek this weekend, Dr Stephen Lane checks in to say good luck to all those stepping up to the challenge.

Take this last week to prepare for the big day and make sure you put into action all the tips Stephen has shared throughout the year.

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Bonus content

Dive into some bonus content to stay on track and get a taste of Dr. Lane’s training tips before new content rolls through in the coming months.

Event Nutrition

In this video, Stephen details everything you need to know about your nutrition pre-ride, during and post-event.
You’ve done all the hard training so it is important to get nutrition right on the day so you perform at your best. Get all the expert tips so you can feel confident taking on the gruelling 235 km course in March.

Projected finish times

In this video, Stephen runs through how you should be feeling after a big functional threshold training block and the importance of the upcoming recovery week.

He also covers some tips on how to decide what your target finish time will be based on existing Strava times. It’s important to have a clear plan in mind of what pace you’re aiming for before event day.

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