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Training Programs

16 week training programs

Take a peek at last year’s training programs for a taste of what is in store over the next few months. Our dedicated cycling coach Stephen Lane is refreshing the new training plans to help you smash your goals in 2020. Stay tuned, new training plans will be dropping in late October.

Low volume training program

The low volume training program will average 10 hours of training a week.

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Intermediate volume training program

The intermediate volume training program will average 12 hours of training a week.

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High volume training program

The high volume training program will average 16 hours of training a week.

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Event nutrition

In this video, Stephen details everything you need to know about your nutrition pre-ride, during and post-event.
You’ve done all the hard training so it is important to get nutrition right on the day so you perform at your best. Get all the expert tips so you can feel confident taking on the gruelling 235 km course in March.


Projected finish times

In this video, Stephen runs through how you should be feeling after a big functional threshold training block and the importance of the upcoming recovery week.
He also covers some tips on how to decide what your target finish time will be based on existing Strava times. It’s important to have a clear plan in mind of what pace you’re aiming for before event day.


Build phase tips

In this video, Stephen talks about the key sessions of this upcoming training block and how you can tailor them to best prepare for your target time at Peak Challenge.
Key discussion points
  • Climbing repeats refresher
  • Dialing in nutrition and hyrdation
  • Tailoring training rides to your target pace
  • Getting some longer climbs under the belt


Base and build phase

In this video, we go over how the first 4 weeks of the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek training program have gone and how to approach your next build phase.
It’s all about building up your muscular endurance and helping you prepare for the long climbing efforts you’ll face over the course of the day at Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.


Training introduction

In this video Stephen outlines the basic structure of the 16 week Peaks Challenge Falls Creek training program. It includes setting up training zones based on FTP and how to set these zones in Training Peaks.

Stephen goes through the first few of weeks of the training programs to make sure you are up to speed for when they kick off on Monday 19th November.

If you’re looking for more information Stephen will be holding a live Facebook Q & A on Wednesday 21 November. Hit the button below to know more.

More details

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Key dates and training overview

In this video, Dr Stephen Lane from HPTek runs over some key dates leading up to Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2019 and gives an overview and tips about the training programs you can download and complete.

Key dates
  • Early bird first release closes Sunday 4 Nov
  • Training rides start from 28 October
  • Training programs start from Monday 19 Nov

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek early bird entries now open!

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