What to do when you get there

Event weekend

Saturday 7 March

Registration and preparation

The Peaks Challenge Falls Creek event village at Slalom Plaza at Falls Creek will be open from 10:00am until 7:30pm on Saturday for bike check, registrations and kit collection, valet drop off and rider briefing. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll need to get done so you’re prepared for Sunday.

1. Bike check

You will need to get your bike checked to make sure it is good to go. Your tyres, brakes and lights will be inspected. We’ll also check that you’ve got spare tubes, a pump or cannisters and two bidons.

2. Registration

Once your bike is checked you can register and collect your rider kit. This will include your valet bags, ride guide and rider number with built-in timing chip to attach to the seatpost of your bike.

3. Valet service

Pack and drop off your valet bags. There will be food and clothing valet bags to access throughout the ride, and a bag to be returned to the village at the end of the ride on Sunday. Learn more here.

4. Rider briefing

Riders will need to attend the rider briefing at 6:00pm (in the event village) on Saturday for detailed information about the ride on Sunday including waves, route notes and a safety message.

Welcome & all rider briefing

Your first steps to becoming a Peaks finisher starts here. We strongly recommend that ALL riders attend this briefing to hear any final event information, road conditions and all of the latest updates.


Saturday 7 March at 6:00pm (this is a compulsory rider briefing).


Falls Creek village

Women’s community briefing

Join our women’s only ride briefing hosted by Team Bicycle Network and our women’s community. They’ll talk you through the highs and lows of tackling the beast that is Peaks Challenge and answer any burning questions you may have before the ride.


Saturday 7 March at 4:30pm


Halleys Lodge – Slalom St, Falls Creek

Ride with like-minded women

We encourage our amazing women’s community to come together and meet in an exclusive, friendly and supportive environment to discuss all things Peaks!

Peaks Women's Community - wave leader
Become a Peaks Challenge Wave Leader

Do you have what it takes lead the pack and become a Peaks Challenge Wave Leader?

We are calling on individuals from our women’s community to become Wave Leaders for the upcoming Peaks Challenge. Ladies, if you think you’re ready to take the next step we really encourage you to get in contact with us at 1800 639 634.

Just for members!

Bicycle Network members Q&A sessions with Team BN

Join us at the Bicycle Network member’s lounge in Halleys Lodge for an exclusive Q&A session with Team Bicycle Network. Choose your session, enjoy a free drink, ask any burning questions and get last minute tips for your big day in the saddle.

Q&A sessions – Saturday 7 March
  • 8/9 hour waves: 2:30pm – 3:00pm
  • 10 hour wave: 3:00pm – 3:30pm
  • 11 hour wave: 3:30pm – 4:00pm
  • 12/13 hour waves: 4:00pm – 4:30pm

If you’re a member and you haven’t received your SMS invitation, please see the team at the membership marquee at the Event Village.

Not a member yet? Make sure you don’t miss out – join now at bicyclenetwork.com.au/membership

Get ahead of the pack

Sunday 8 March

Ride day

The day has arrived – you’ll get to put all that training to use and take the ultimate cycling test.

1. Final prep

Make sure everything is ready – have the right clothing, fill your bidons, pack your jersey pockets and have your lights ready.

2. Join your wave

Be in your wave at the start line based on the time you’re aiming to finish the ride in by 6:30am. Waves will be clearly marked.

3. Ride

The first wave will leave at 6:45am and all riders will depart by 7:15am. Take care as you clip in, begin to ride and descend Falls Creek.

4. Stick to time

Ride to your ability and remember to keep an eye on the time to make sure you can reach each rest stop before the cut-off times.

A drop for charity

Clothing Drop Zone

For those who have ridden Peaks Challenge before, you know how cold it can be riding down from Falls Creek to Mount Beauty early in the morning. We’ve come up with a solution so you can stay warm and provide to a local charity.

We’ve partnered with a local Op Shop—The United Church—who will have a clothing drop zone marquee set up along the route in Mt Beauty to collect any unwanted clothing. Please note, only items suitable for resale will be collected.

After the decent down Falls Creek – you can strip of any clothing you’re happy to part with for donate it at the Mt Beauty marquee. Don’t forget you’re about to climb Tawonga Gap, so any weight shaved is a positive, plus you’re helping a good cause.

In previous years we have had clothing left on the side of the road, which has a negative impact on the natural environment and community. The only way this initiative will work is if donations are “suitable for resale” (if we give them ‘rags’, this service will not be available next year).

What’s on?

Free social ride

Supporting a friend, partner or family member in the famous Peaks Challenge Falls Creek event? Once the riders have left the village to begin their epic journey, why not join Gordon from our membership team for a relaxed social ride through the beautiful Falls Creek region.

This fully supported ride leads you down the back of Falls Creek to Trapyard Gap (which is the last official rest stop for the event) before heading back to the village to enjoy a coffee. 

Find out more

8:00 AM | Sunday 8 March

Meeting location

Bicycle Network Marquee in the Event Village

Ride leader

Gordon Oakley


This ride is suitable for anyone that can confidently handle a road bike.


Click here to shoot us an email with any questions about the social ride.


peaks social ride

Junior Peaks Challenge

Peaks Challenge may be the ultimate test of a cyclist but there is nothing more rewarding than watching the next generation take on the mountain!

Junior Peaks is hosted by Falls Creek once the main event has kicked off, with a lead and end rider to support and encourage the kids to achieve their personal best. The cost is $10 per rider and all ages are welcome – it is recommended children under 8yrs should be accompanied by a support person. Sign up on event.

For further information please visit the Falls Creek website or call the events team on 03 5758 1200.

Free Yoga Session

The wonderful Ness from YogaNess will be on hand on Saturday evening at 17:00 to run a free yoga class. Suitable for all levels Ness will be leading a wonderful and relaxing session in the QT boardroom just below Stingray.

Trails, Tails and Tucker

Once the riders have set off why not join the local guides to explore the rich history of the Bogong High Plains. With a delicious lunch and lovely walk to the iconic Wallace’s Hut, this is perfect way to spend a morning. Bookings are essential via trailstalesandtucker.com.


Valet Service

Bicycle Network operates a valet service on the event, which provides you with three bags you can pack with additional food and clothing items to access throughout the ride. The bags will be transported ahead of you and will be waiting for you at the designated valet collection points of Harrietville, Dinner Plain and Anglers Rest.

Harrietville and Anglers Rest will be for bags with food and Dinner Plain for food and clothing. The food/clothing valet point includes a return valet service, so you can return any unwanted clothing or items to the finish site.

It’s important to plan ahead and use your valet bags wisely, keeping in mind all possible weather conditions you may face. We advise riders not to leave anything expensive or valuable in their bags, as Bicycle Network cannot take responsibility for any losses. We also ask for safety reasons that you do not place any glass in the bags.

STEP 1 - Receiving your valet bags

You will receive four valet bags with your rider’s kit when you register at the Slalom Plaza event village between 10:00am – 7:30pm on Saturday 9 March.

2 x valet bags for food (bound for Harrietville and Anglers Rest)

1 x valet bag for food/clothing (for Dinner Plain)

1 x return valet bag (to be placed inside Dinner Plain valet bag)

STEP 2 - Filling and labeling your valet bags

In your rider kit you will also receive stickers to label each bag with your name, rider number and the destination of the bag.

Make sure you identify each bag correctly, packing your food items in the two food valet bags to be collected at Harrietville and Anglers Rest.

Then pack a change of clothes and any other items in the Dinner Plain valet bag, making sure you also pack the empty ‘return valet bag’ inside this bag for your used clothes that will be returning to Falls Creek.

STEP 3 - Accessing your valet bags during the ride

Harrietville & Anglers Rest – At these two rest stops, the appropriate food valet bag will be ready for your collection upon arrival, and the bag will be disposed of after you have collected your food. 

Dinner Plain – At Dinner Plain your valet bag with fresh clothing will be ready for collection upon arrival. You will also have your empty ‘return valet bag’ inside, which you can fill with any unwanted or used clothing, and leave at the valet drop-off point to be returned to the event village. 

STEP 4 - Collecting your valet bag post ride

Once you’ve crossed the finish line, your return valet bag will be available for collection from the valet pick-up point at the Slalom Plaza Event Village.

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