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The support

You can rest assured we’ll support you from the first pedal stroke of your training to crossing the finish line on event day. You ride. We’ll do the rest. 

Team Bicycle Network

Team Bicycle Network are your wave leaders and domestiques – leading traniing rides before the event and setting the pace and rhythm at the big dance. Whether it’s reaching the finish line or cracking sub-10 hours, they will help you reach your goal. Meet the team.

On-route support at Peaks Challenge
Premium on-road support

With more than 100km of road closures, you won’t often get to experience the Victorian High Country like this. Mobile mechanics sit in front of the first rider, behind the last and throughout the peloton. You’ve dedicated so much to be here, we won’t let a mechanical stop you.

Our motorcycle marshals track the route, are trained in first aid and will help get you back on your bike.

Rest areas

The route has eight rest areas with nutrition, hydration, medical and mechanical support. See exactly what to expect below in our FAQs

SAG wagons

SAG (support and gear) wagons will be operating all day to support riders who are unable to continue riding. If you can’t go on, they will pick you up and take you to retired rider points for transport back to Falls Creek



Here are the answers to your most common questions.

If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us via our website here or on 1800 639 634.

Preparing for the ride

Is there any specific equipment that I need?
  • Helmet
  • White front bike light
  • Red rear bike light
  • Secondary food supplies
  • 2 x drink bottles
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Spare tubes

We will check that you have these before you ride.

  • Rain/wind jacket
  • Gloves
  • Mobile phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Money / credit card
  • Get bike serviced
  • Spare batteries for your bike lights
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Base layer of clothing
  • Fresh change of riding kit for Dinner Plain rest stop
  • Packed valet bags
  • Multi-tool or Allen keys
  • Compact crank set and cassette ratio of 11-28 teeth or more
Where can I stay up-to-date with the latest event news?

Be sure to follow the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Facebook event for the latest news as it comes. We’ll also send regular updates to registered riders via email. If you have not received our event news please contact us to ensure you’ve opted in.

What will the weather conditions likely be on the ride?

The weather in the Victorian High Country is unpredictable and can change very quickly throughout the day. Be prepared for varying weather conditions throughout the day.

What happens in the event of extreme weather?

Being an outdoor event, Peaks Challenge Falls Creek can be subject to unpredictable climate and weather conditions.

Bicycle Network works closely with relevant authorities to develop contingency plans in the event of extreme weather conditions and reserves the right to change or cancel the event in such circumstances. Riders must be prepared for all weather conditions and ride accordingly.

Do I need to have my bike checked before the ride?

Yes, in order to ensure your safety we will be performing bike checks at the Event Village at Falls Creek the day before the ride. You will not be able to collect your rider ID from registration or start your ride without having your bike checked.

What time does the road close on the morning of the ride?

If you are staying outside Falls Creek the road from Mt Beauty will close at 5:15AM the day of the ride.

What is the valet service?

Bicycle Network operates a valet service on the event which provides you with three bags you can pack with items and access on the ride. The bags will be transported ahead of you and will be waiting for you at designated valet collection points – two points will be for bags with food and another for food and clothing. The food/clothing valet point includes a return valet service, so you can return any unwanted clothing or items to the finish site.

It’s important to plan ahead and use your valet bags wisely, keeping in mind all possible weather conditions you may face. We advise riders not to leave anything expensive or valuable in their bags, as Bicycle Network cannot take responsibility for any losses. We also ask for safety reasons that you do not place any glass in the bags.

Is there a rider briefing?

Yes, the rider briefing will be available to view at the event village from 6pm. This is a compulsory viewing and will include important information about the start procedure, route and safety messages.

Where can I park?

Car parking is managed by Falls Creek Resort Management. On arrival please follow the instructions from the team to find your park.

Is a COVID-19 vaccination required to partake in the event?

You do not need to be fully vaccinated to participate in Bicycle Network events.

Will there be COVIDSafe measures in place?

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is a proven COVIDSafe event. Please work with our team to ensure we keep it this way. Use the hand sanitiser provided, abide by social distancing practices and check in using the QR codes. We also have rider only areas and advanced queuing strategies in place.

During the ride

Is there a starting procedure?

Yes. The start is controlled and staggered based on your expected finish time.  Your time does not start until you cross the first timing mat (located on the intersection of Bogong High Plains Road and Slalom Street).

8-hour riders will start first, followed by 9/10-hour riders, followed by 11-hour riders, and finally 12/13-hour riders.

All riders will start in with fellow riders in their allocated expected finish time.

This is to ensure a safe and fair start for all.

The start/finish gantry is at Slalom Plaza in the Falls Creek Event Village. Appropriate signage will be installed by Saturday afternoon so riders know where they should enter the start chute on Sunday morning.

Please arrive at the start line on Sunday morning no later than 6:30am for a 6:45am start.

How do I stay on track to achieve my desired finish time?

If you are looking to finish the ride within a desired time but you are unsure if you are tracking at the right pace you can refer to these handy top tube stickers with guided leave times that our wave leaders will be following. You will receive your sticker at the bike check on the Saturday of the event.

When does the 13 hour time limit start?

Your ride time begins when you cross the start line and you need to finish the ride within 13 hours to receive a finishers jersey. 

The Lanterne Rouge will be the last riders to leave and the last to cross the finish line. Therefore, all participants must keep ahead of the Lanterne Rouge riders.

Each rest stop also has a time that you need to reach it by. These cut-off times are used to assess if you will finish the ride within 13 hours. If you arrive at a rest stop after the cut-off time you will be asked kindly to retire gracefully.

What's provided at each rest stop?

Our comprehensive route support is there for you from start to finish. All rest stops will have water, first aid, mechanical support, nutrition (inc. GF and vegetarian offerings), and toilets available. Below is what to expect at each stop on course (this may change slightly and will be updated again closer to ride day).

Tawonga Gap
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Winners Bars and Gels
  • Bike Mechanic
Harrietville (Food Valet)
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Winners Bars and Gels
  • Banana Bread
  • Bike Mechanic
Buckland Gate
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Winners Bars and Gels
  • Bike Mechanic
Hotham Heights*
  • Toilets
  • Water

*Hotham Heights will be an unmanned Rest Area, with water and toilet facilities available at the Day Shelter. 

Dinner Plain (Lunch)
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Lunch (wrap with a biscuit and banana)
    • Standard
      Wheaten Wrap with Poached Chicken, spinach, burghul salad with roasted capsicum, cucumber and fetta and a sundried tomato aioli.
    • Standard GF
      GF Wrap with Poached Chicken, spinach, quinoa salad with roasted capsicum, cucumber and fetta and a sundried tomato aioli.
    • Vegetarian
      Wheaten Wrap with, Spinach, Pumpkin and burghul salad with chickpeas, roasted capsicum and cucumber and a sundried tomato aioli.
    • Vegetarian GF
      GF Wrap with, Spinach, Pumpkin and quinoa salad with chickpeas, roasted capsicum and cucumber and a sundried tomato aioli.
    • Vegan
      Wheaten Wrap with, Spinach, Pumpkin and burghul salad with chickpeas, roasted capsicum and cucumber and a Moroccan spiced hummus.
    • Vegan GF
      GF Wrap with, Spinach, Pumpkin and quinoa salad with chickpeas, roasted capsicum and cucumber and a Moroccan spiced hummus.
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Winners Bars and Gels
  • Chocolate Brownie (V,GF), Fruit and Lollies
  • Bike Mechanic
Anglers Rest (Food Valet)
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Winners Bars
Trapyard Gap
  • Toilets
  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Winners Bars
  • Coca-Cola
  • Bananas
  • Salty snack
  • Bike Mechanic 
Will there be bins along the route?

There will be bins at all rest stops along the route. However, as a Peaks Challenge rider, you are responsible for disposing of your rubbish appropriately while out on the road.

Whether training or on event, please be thoughtful. Tuck your rubbish in your jersey pocket or under your knicks and dispose of it when you come to a bin. We need your help to make sure that we look after this spectacular part of the world and the future of the event relies on your cooperation.

Do I get the jersey if I don’t finish the ride?

If you are unable to complete the ride within the 13 hour time limit you will not receive the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Finisher’s Jersey.

*Please confirm your jersey size on the Mens Premium Fit or Womens Premium Fit sizing chart before completing your registration.

Tourist information

A weekend away

Victoria’s alpine region is one of the most spectacular in the world. Make a weekend of Peaks Challenge Falls Creek – taste your way around the villages and receive warm welcomes from the families who run the gourmet restaurants, boutique wineries and lodgings. To see what’s on over the Victorian Labour Day long weekend, see the Visit Victoria website.

Falls Creek tourist information

Staying in the Falls Creek Village is the best way to be among all the action. Avoid the early morning rush to the start line, enjoy a relaxing celebratory beverage after the ride and treat those tired aching muscles to a spa or massage. Accommodation packages are available for singles, couples and groups.

Contact Falls Creek Central Reservations

Phone: 1800 033 079 


COVID safe events

At Bicycle Network, we see events as an important opportunity to bring the bike riding community together and share the joy of riding bikes. While 2020 saw dramatic changes to the event landscape, we’re busy planning our upcoming event program with the health and safety of riders, volunteers and spectators at the forefront.

Across all of our events, the below key operations will be in place to keep you safe and our events running smoothly. We ask everyone to familiarise themselves with these guidelines and keep up to date with information provided by relevant governments regarding COVID-19 regulations.

Our team want to make your riding experience as enjoyable as possible, so please follow their instructions as we tackle these challenges together.

COVID-19 Icons - Social Distancing

Social distancing

Please remember to stand and ride at least 1.5 metres apart at all times. To avoid congestion, start line procedures will be spread out and in waves.

COVID-19 Icons - Sanitation

Hand sanitiser

All our events will have hand sanitising stations across the course and conduct regular cleaning of all surfaces.

COVID-19 Icons - Signs

Follow the signs

Event sites are designed to prioritise safety and keep everyone moving in the right direction. Please look out for directional signs and follow our team’s instructions.

COVID-19 Icons - Support Staff

Support staff

Our support crews will always have your back, but some things may look a little different or take a little longer than you’re used to. Thank you for your patience.

On route

All rest and lunch areas will have a new layout to assist with flow and social distancing, but we’ll still have all the essentials readily available.

Joining our COVID safe events

We love that we are able to hold events in 2021 and celebrate everything that is great about riding a bike. While you're riding with us, we'd like you to help reduce the risks of coronavirus by maintaining physical distancing, good hygiene and following COVID safe instructions.

Our rider promise

Along with these key changes to our events, we've created a COVID-19 refund policy so you can sign up with confidence.


We've got your back!

Pedal worry free with a Bicycle Network membership that includes comprehensive bike riding insurance from just $11.99/month. Plus, your support helps us in the fight for a more bike friendly Australia. 

Cyclists climbing Mt Hotham

13 hours to prove yourself

Cut-off times

It’s not just the climbs and kilometres themselves that make Peaks Challenge Falls Creek so tough, it’s also the 13-hour time limit.

To keep on track and stay under this limit you will need to reach the following checkpoints by the set cut-off times. If you arrive at one of these points after the cut-off time you will be asked to retire gracefully.

The cut-off points and times are measured from when the Lanterne Rouge (last rider) crosses the start line, and ensure they are still able to complete the event in 13 hours. We recommend setting your cycling computer to display elapsed time for an accurate measure of how you’re tracking.

Sector cut-off times
  • Harrietville rest area: 10:30am
  • Dinner Plain lunch stop: 1:30pm
  • Omeo rest area: 3:15pm
  • Back of Falls Creek turnoff: 5:30pm
  • Trapyard Gap rest area: 7:00pm
  • Ride finishes: 8:15pm

Download the official wave pacing top tube stickers so you know where you need to be on the course to finish with your desired wave group.

Bicycle Network Women’s Community – Towards 50/50

Bicycle Network’s Women’s Community is here to provide tailored support to women of all ages and abilities who are contemplating or have committed to taking on their next challenge.



Get involved

Are you bringing friends or family along to the event?

We’re on the look out for volunteers to help us at the start line, finish line and rest areas on route.

As part of our event team, all volunteers receive a Bicycle Network shirt and hat while also getting a front row seat to the action! Sound like a good time?

Contact us

Volunteer at Peaks Challenge

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