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Haven’t had the chance to experience the Great Vic?

From moving 3,000 people to a new campsite each day to the on-route support, rest stops, WARBYs and community vibes, the Great Vic is so much more than just a bike ride.

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Camping upgrades
Camping upgrades

From general camping to our luxury package, there are plenty of options available.

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Stay connected on the ride with ebike and phone charging facilities provided.

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Transport for you, your bike and your luggage from a range of metro and regional centres.

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Get your gear sorted with our full event merchandise range by HUB Cycling.

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Here are the answers to your most common questions.

If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us via our website or call on 1800 639 634

What type of bike can I ride?

The Great Vic Bike Ride travels on sealed roads and is best suited to a hybrid or road bike. However, we love all bikes, and you are encouraged to use the type of bike that you are most comfortable and familiar with.

Ebikes are welcome on the Great Vic Bike Ride, subject to our policy.

What's provided at each campsite?

There’s really no campsite like a Great Vic campsite – it’s a pop-up town with everything you need, including:

  • Breakfast and dinner
  • A medical clinic
  • Daily live music and other entertainment
  • ‘Main Street’, a strip full of shops, food and coffee trucks, community groups and tourist information
  • Two licensed bars
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Security
  • Mobile phone and ebike charging station
  • The Hub information centre
  • Dishwashing and clothes washing stations
  • Free water refill stations
  • Luggage trucks to move your gear each day
  • Showers and toilets
How do I move my luggage from site to site each day?

We provide a luggage transfer service, which is included in your ticket. Each day, you’ll be required to take your luggage to our luggage trucks, so it can be transported to the next site. Take note of your luggage truck number so you can find your luggage at the next site.

Each Great Vic rider is allocated 20kg of luggage. This must be spread across 2 bags of approximately 10kg each. For the safety of all Great Vic team and attendees, baggage weight checks will be conducted on arrival to the event, and penalties will apply for overweight bags.

Can I charge my phone at the campsite?

Yes, phone and device charging will be available at each campsite. We ask that you pre-book your unlimited charging now and ensure you stay connected. Learn more about Phone charging on event.

When will I receive my registration pack?

You’ll receive your registration pack when you arrive at the campsite on the first day of the ride. There will be no riding on arrival day, so arrive at any time and check in with the team at registration. 

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Daily newspaper

The Good Oil

The Good Oil is the Great Vic’s daily newspaper, written and published at the campsite. It includes updates about the ride, stories from participants and news from the outside world.

You’ll receive a copy of the Good Oil at the campsite each evening, and now view each edition online!

Check out our archived articles from 2019 event for a taste.

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