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Ride extras

Camping options

Included – with general entry

General camping at the Great Vic

General camping

General camping is part of your ticket, and includes a camping spot for you, your tent and your bike. Lights out in general camping is 10:00pm.

Quiet camping

Perfect for those seeking a little tranquility with their camping experience. With an early curfew of 9:30pm, we ask quiet campers to keep noise levels to a minimum and respect the serenity of the quiet camping area.

Upgrades – purchased separately

Dome tent

Don’t have a tent, or not keen to put up your own each day? Our brilliant team will pick out a prime spot at the campsite and set up a dome tent for you each night so you can kick back at the end of a day’s riding.

A dome tent must be purchased in addition to your Great Vic entry and sleeps two people.

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  • Little Vic: $169

Stand up tent

After a little extra luxury for your Great Vic adventure? Our stand-up upgrades include a premium tent which will be pitched and waiting for you when you arrive. These tents include extra headroom so you can easily change standing up, plus two bedrolls to ensure you’re comfy at night.

A stand-up tent must be purchased in addition to your Great Vic entry and sleeps two people.

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  • Little Vic: $225

Handy hint – Campsite tips

The best bit about the Great Vic is that we ride to a new campsite each day.

In the morning, pack your luggage and gear into one of our nearby luggage trucks and we’ll move it to the next campsite for you. Make sure you take note of the truck number so you know where to find your bags at the next campsite.

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Getting there



Let us take the hassle out of getting home from the ride. Our coach services will transport you, your bike and luggage and operate out of a range of metro and regional areas. 

Little Vic (Halls Gap - Great Western)
To Halls Gap | Thursday 31 March

Melbourne to Halls Gap: $89
Location: TBC | Time: 1:00pm

Ballarat to Halls Gap: $65
Location: 202 Lydiard Street | Time: 8:45am

Geelong to Halls Gap: $79
Location: Geelong Busport | Time: 1:30pm

Bendigo to Halls Gap: $69
Location: Lake Weerona | Time: 8:00am

Traralgon to Halls Gap: $139
Location: Traralgon Railway Station | Time: 6:00am

Albury to Halls Gap: $169
Location: Albury Railway Station | Time: 6:00am

Wangaratta to Halls Gap: $169
Location: Apex Park | Time: 7:00am

Adelaide to Halls Gap: $165
Location: Adelaide Central Bus Station | Time: TBC

Mildura to Halls Gap: $125
Location: Mildura Railway Station | Time: 9:45am

Great Western LTCP to Halls Gap: $55
Location: Great Western long term carpark | Time: 11:00am

From Great Western | Sunday 3 April

Location: Great Western Finish Line
Time: 12:00pm – buses depart once full 

  • Great Western to Melbourne: $79
  • Great Western to Geelong: $65
  • Great Western to Ballarat: $49 
  • Great Western to Bendigo: $65
  • Great Western to Traralgon: $125 
  • Great Western to Adelaide: $175 
  • Great Western to Albury/ Wangaratta: $169 
  • Great Western to Mildura: $125
9 day and 5 day ride options
Please note, due to changes to the 9 day and 5 day ride options the following transport options will no longer be available and will be refunded to riders. These include:
  • Transport options from various locations to Rainbow on Sat 27 Nov
  • Transport options from Halls Gap to various locations on Wed 1 Dec & Thurs 2 Dec
  • Transport option from Great Western to Halls Gap on Sun 5 Dec

If your transport option is refunded and you wish to still travel with us to the Little Vic, this can be booked separately when accessing your entry in Register Now.

Long term car park

Prefer to drive? Our long-term car parks are conveniently located so you can access your car as soon as you’ve finished the ride. The car park is near the finish lines at Great Western, with buses available to transfer you to the start line.

Great Western long term carpark
  • Price: $50
  • Location
  • Open times: 9:00am – 11:00am (31 March) and 10:00am – 3:00pm (3 April)

Anyone who originally purchased a spot at the Halls Gap LTCP will be automatically transferred over to Great Western.

Long term carpark

Charge up

Device charging

Chargespot are revolutionising the way we charge our phones on the Great Vic. Now you can do so in the comfort of your own tent or on the bike, simply by hiring a portable power bank. With unlimited swapping of a portable power bank permitted your phone battery will never go dry. 

If you don’t use your phone that much, but desperately need to make a call. We offer a full recharge at just $10 each. Simply leave your phone with the crew at Chargespot (no deposit required).

Please note, when hiring a power bank for the first time, you will be asked for a $30 refundable deposit for security of the asset. This can be made by credit card directly to Chargespot and will be automatically refunded at the conclusion of the event.  

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Little Vic
  • $25

Anyone who previously purchased 9 day or 5 day charging will automatically be refunded in full, and will need to repurchase Little Vic phone charging.

Ebike charging

Ebike charging will be available at each campsite, but please ensure you are familiar with our ebike policy. Overnight charging will not be available and we highly recommend bringing at least two batteries for you ebike to ensure a full charge each day.

Each full charge of an ebike battery will cost $10. Chargespot will be open between 12pm – 8pm daily.


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