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210km Anti-clockwise

One of our most popular rides, the 210km Anti-clockwise route takes rides on a complete loop of the bay, travelling to Queenscliff before a ferry transports riders to Sorrento for the ride back to Melbourne via Beach Road. 

Ride features

The 210km Anti-clockwise ride traces the coast of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. While it’s not the full 250km ride, it’s not for the faint hearted —some solid kms of training are necessary. 

The 210km Anti-clockwise route includes arguably the most beautiful stretch of Port Phillip Bay —17km of coastal riding between Safety Beach and Mornington. This section also includes 6.5km of closed roads (north bound) between Safety Beach and Mount Martha.

The route is relatively flat with just over 900 metres of elevation gain. The steepest parts of the 210km Anti-clockwise ride occurs at the Westgate Bridge (400 metres of climbing), Leopold (roughly 1km of climbing) and Wallington (roughly 2.5km of climbing). 

2017 Around The Bay 210km Route Anti Clockwise Map

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