About Ride2Work

Ride2Work is a national program that encourages Australians to get started and help keep them riding to work all year round.

Bicycle Network's Ride2Work program is a national behaviour change program that encourages Australians to start riding to work and help them to keep riding as a regular habit.

Ride2Work is designed to help people move from contemplation to action and establish the habit of riding to work. The program promotes and highlights the benefits of riding to work and provides mechanisms to overcome any barriers. Regular commuters can share ideas and support and encourage new riders.

National Ride2Work Day, 14 October 2015

National Ride2Work Day is held annually to celebrate riding as a form of commuting to work. It encourages people who have never ridden to work before to give it a go, and it allows frequent riders to stay motivated and encourage their workmates to get involved.

While National Ride2Work Day is held once a year to celebrate riding to work, workplaces and employees are offered support to ride throughout the year.



Posters are perfect for placing up around the office and in lunch spaces, as they get people talking about riding to work. Click on the following tabs for the different versions. 


National Ride2Work Day 2015

Ride2Uni Day 2015


Do you or your friends have questions about how to start riding to work? View the National Ride2Work Day flyer to see the '5 steps for riding to work'.

Social Media

Check us out on Facebook. If you are a regular commuter, tell your friends why you love riding to work and encourage them to try riding with you. If you are a new commuter, source tips from seasoned riders.

Twitter users can touch base with us @Ride2WorkAust or #Ride2Work

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