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Ride2Work Day

Ride2Work Day 2015 will be held on Wednesday 14th October.

Ride2Work Day is the largest celebration of commuter riding in Australia. Held annually in October, registration is free and each registration is a vote for making it easier for people to ride to work. The day celebrates the benefits of riding to work and the community that supports it.

Take a look at the 2014 Ride2Work Day photos.

Ride2Work Testimonials

"It is a privilege to ride to work as it benefits the environment, my health and finances and clears my head on the way home."

"Riding to work gives me a sense of well-being, providing me with exercise, free parking and a contribution to reducing environmental pollution."

"It is better for the environment, better for my health, better for my fitness, better for my bank account!"

"Riding to work saves money, it reduces pollution and traffic congestion, it is a healthy alternative, and I feel better throughout my work day."

"I start the working day feeling energized. Heading home I'm transformed, my focus goes from work to the ride to home."

"I love the energy & health benefits, love avoiding traffic jams, and appreciate the environmental & financial savings."

"It's a fun, healthy and inexpensive way of getting to work.  No sitting in trafffic; no searching for a car park. Whoa to go in 15 minutes!"

"I always ride to work. It's great exercise, cheaper than trains and parking, and healthy.  Riding makes me feel like a kid again. It's freedom"

"Unlike the train, I always get a seat on my bike and my bike never leaves without me."

"The great feeling of a group of people with like-minded interests meeting in a common place makes me feel part of a wider community."

"It's the best way to wake up in the morning: legs going, sun in your face and wind in your hair!"

"Riding to work is a great way to start the day in so many ways and actually makes me more productive throughout the work day."