This page provides local councils with Parkiteer cages some great resources that can be used to encourage their local residents to use Parkiteer.

Website information and e-newsletters

Promote your local Parkiteer through your council website and e-newsletters, it's a simple and effective way to spread the word to local residents in your council area. To download a sample, click here.

Generic media release

Get your community on board with an article in your local paper, e-newsletter or bulletin. Here is a generic Parkiteer media release to get you started, click here to download it.

Social Media

Nearly everyone is on Facebook, which makes it easy to connect with others. Let your local residents know about Parkiteer cages in your council area. Make sure you tweet @Bicycle_Network and #Parkiteer and spread the word!                                        


Place this web tile on your intranet at work or council websites to promote local Parkiteer use in your local area. Simply, right click the image and click save.

Parkiteer brochures

Need some information for your local residents? Download the Parkiteer brouchure and all your questions should be answered. If you would like some sent out to you, contact us today.



Posters are perfect for placing up around the office and in lunch spaces, as they get people talking about riding to work. Download our latest poster here.

Other places to display your posters could include:

  • Local leisure center/gym
  • University
  • Shopping center
  • Medical clinic
  • Community health service