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UK to massively expand station parking

26 March 2015. The UK government will spend $A28 million installing an extra 7500 bike parking paces at railway stations across the country, highlighting again the neglect of bike-to-train transport shown by most Australian governments. 

This latest move brings to 22,500 the total number of new bike parking spaces installed at UK stations since 2010.

UK Minister for Transport, Robert Goodwill, said the money would be spent at 279 railway stations. "These new facilities will make it easier and more convenient for people to cycle to and from their station.”

"We are serious about getting people on their bike—cycling is great for our health and means less congested cities and less pollution.

"It is also important we do all we can to integrate cycling into longer journeys, and that’s why increasing facilities at rail stations is vital,” he said.

Railway stations receiving funding will include Derby, Lincoln, Dorking, Preston and Rugby stations, which will see hundreds of new cycle parking places, the much needed extension of Woking Cycle Hub giving a further 250 spaces, plus a new high quality cycle route and 300 cycle parking spaces in a 2 tier system at Cheltenham Spa.

"The new projects will build on the success of those schemes previously funded by the department which have promoted links between cycling and train use and have seen the number of cycle trips to stations reach an all-time high.”

In Australia governments are decades behind the trend to switch station trips from cars to bikes. Our States are still pouring money into car parking at stations, adding to congestion and transport inefficiency, and burdening the taxpayers with costs that are not being recovered.

Most trips to stations are in easy biking distance, and the cost of bike parking is a fraction of the cost of car parking. And it provides an exercise option for a community in declining health.

The Parkiteer system in Victoria is a major advance, which now has 78 secure parking cages in operation, with prospect of more to come.

In some of the fast growing suburbs in Melbourne the waiting list for bike parking is as long as a top tube.

But all states need to get on board and accelerate this trend.

Station parking overwhelmed in West

11 March 2015. Bike parking facilities at railway stations in Melbourne’s West are being overwhelmed by booming demand for places at Parkiteer cages on the Werribee line.

Cages are overflowing at Williams Landing, Hoppers Crossing, Laverton South and Newport and Bicycle Network has had to place riders on waiting lists for passes to the secure cages.

“There is an urgent need for more bike parking at railway stations in Melbourne’s West,” said Chris Carpenter, General Manager Government & External Relations, Bicycle Network.

“Commuters are increasingly seeing the sense in riding a bike to the station — its healthy, convenient and a big money saver — but we have been a victim of our success and we can’t meet the demand currently.

“We estimate that there would be 500 people prepared to ride to Williams Landing if there was enough secure bike parking for them. That would take a lot of pressure off car parking and bus services.

“There is a commitment to expand the Parkiteer secure cage network and we are working closely with PTV to get a positive result for people in the West.

“As well, local government and VicRoads needs to accelerate the development of the bike path network so that the stations are safely connected to the residential neighbourhoods.”

24 February 2015

Photo competition

We love Parkiteer and know you do too! So this month, we're running a Parkiteer photo competition where you can win a range of great prizes.

Simply, send us a photo of yourself in front of your cage or with your card and tell us in 15 words or less why you enjoy using Parkiteer! You can submit your entry in the following ways:

  • Email the Parkiteer team at
  • Post on our Bicycle Network Facebook page with the hashtag #Parkiteer
  • Tweet on Twitter: #Parkiteer and mention @Bicycle_Network

By entering this competition you have the chance to win one of following:

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Parkiteer is for daily use

With Parkiteer cages becoming more popular than ever before, we need all the space we can get for regular riders. Please take your bike out of the cage if you are not using it so that other people can use the cage.

If your bike has not moved for a long time, we will have to remove it. The bike will be stored at our warehouse for six weeks and then donated to charity. If you know of a bike in your cage that hasn’t moved for a while, please let us know by emailing us a photo at

Cage re-opens at Glen Waverley station

21 November 2014 Good news Parkiteers! The long awaited re-opening of the Glen Waverley Parkiteer is here. Parking for 24 bikes at the train station, the new cage is conveniently located at the entrance of the station right next to the kiosk.

To use this cages, or any other cage in the network, register here


Pretty as a picture

30 October 2014 The new Warragul Parkiteer opens today offering commuters the best 26 parking spots at the station.

The cage is located adjacent to Queens Park in what can only be described as a 'post card' setting.

Bicycle Network expects that approximately 35% of people who use this cage will have previously driven to the station (based on network survey results from June 2014).

If you have an existing Parkiteer card, you can also access the Warragul cage.

Bike parking at Syndal station

22 October 2013. The Victorian Government has announced that a Parkiteer secure bike parking facility will be provided as part of the Syndal railway station re-development.

The 26 bike facility will be included as part of a $10.8 million project to build a four-level 250-space car park.

The bike parking will be on the ground floor of the new building, but final details are not yet available.

Transport Minister Terry Mulder unveiled for public comment two alternative designs for the car park, to be built on the corner of Blackburn Road and Coleman Parade.

As part of finalising the design, PTV is seeking feedback from local residents, businesses and station users on which of two design concepts they prefer.

He said that when completed in late 2015, the car park will bring the total number of spaces at Syndal Station to 590. 

Member for Mount Waverley Michael Gidley said that building the decked car park is a smart use of limited railway land that will take the hassle out of finding a car park at the station for 2,600 customers using it each weekday.

"I look forward to commuters being able to park more easily and a better, less congested neighbourhood."

The design options for the exterior of the car park and online feedback form are available here

Grand opening of Waurn Ponds Parkiteer

12 October 2014 Residents of Geelong’s growing southern suburbs are set to enjoy secure bike parking thanks to the opening of Waurn Pond’s new Parkiteer bike cage.

Coinciding with the opening of the new train station on Sunday 12 October,  Waurn Ponds Parkiteer will provide secure bicycle parking for up to 21 bikes at any one time.

To use these cages, or any other cage in the network, register here. .

Greens push for Parkiteer expansion

5 June 2014. The Victorian Greens are pushing for a 40 cage expansion of the Parkiteer secure bike parking at railway stations.

In the lead up to the upcoming election in the November, a policy was announced, which recommends new cages are to be installed where bike riding is increasing in popularity. 

"This expansion of the bike cages network across Melbourne will encourage cycling and public transport use, while reducing dependence on cars”, the Greens MP Colleen Hartland said.

"Many train stations have little or no secure bicycle parking, forcing commuters to risk damage or theft to their bike while it is chained to racks, railings or nearby fences. 

"Furthermore, research by Bicycle Network has shown half the people who use existing bike parking cages previously drove a car. This initiative will therefore reduce demand on parking as well as traffic congestion. And let's not forget the physical and mental health benefits of getting more people cycling more often.

"All in all, it contributes to making Melbourne a more livable city with healthier commuters.

"Getting more people riding more often is top priority for the Greens. That's why this election year we're stepping up our efforts and stepping up the pressure.”