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RiderLog is a free app where every bike ride counts towards better bicycle infrastructure. A new version for Android and Apple phones is now available.

RiderLog shows Sydney's poor cycling health

27 May 2016. Gender data from Bicycle Network’s RiderLog app has proven a valuable tool in tracking the health of cycling in Sydney.

The gender split on key commuting routes is seen as a major indicator of a route’s perceived safety—females tend to steer towards separated bicycle infrastructure (see pic below).

There are few surprises from UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre investigation into the gender divide on Sydney roads and bike paths, with fewer than 20% female riders on most key routes. A guide to the health of cycling in any city is female participation above 35%, leaving the NSW capital looking decidedly ill.

Dedicated cycle infrastructure—in areas including Anzac Parade and Bourke Street—has proven to be the most popular with female riders, with female participation thinning to a trickle in the city’s south and west. Centennial Park is a shining beacon for bike riders, with more females than males during the busiest periods.

Four years of RiderLog data analysed by UNSW has tracked the weekday movements of over 1,000 riders across 13,484 bicycling routes, finding peak times—unsurprisingly—correspond with the start and end of the business day.

Check out the maps that the City Futures Research Centre at UNSW has generated with the RiderLog app data for Sydney. Check out their website.  

A new version of the RiderLog app is now available for Android and Apple devices


RiderLog is the free Bicycle Network phone app that monitors your rides and and contributes the data for bike infrastructure planning - It is now available on the Apple app store and, for the first time, the Google PlayStore. 


The RiderLog app records details of riders' trips and anonymously uploads them to the Bicycle Network. The travel logs are then aggregated to show when, where and why we are riding.

This information is used to improve the planning of bicycle infrastructure and convince authorities to invest more in the locations where people ride.  For instance, RiderLog data helped Bicycle Network to get the Shepherds Bridge upgraded by showing government the number of riders and where they came from and went to.

The app also used measures lets you set physical activity goals and track your progress towards a healthy, active life - a key outcome for Bicycle Network as we are a health promotion charity.


Who is Bicycle Network?

Bicycle Network is a health promotion charity who aims to get more people cycling more often.

We want to make bike riding easy for everyone. We do this by lobbying government for better bike riding facilities that suit the whole community.

We also run support programs such as Ride2School and Ride2Work and events such as the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride; Bupa Around the Bay and Peaks Challenges.  Our membership, which offers bicycle crash insurance, supports riders and gives us the strength and capacity to improve the environment for all riders and potential riders.  

RiderLog, alongside our Super Tuesday and Super Sunday visual counts, is one of the tools we use to inform us on how to best improve conditions for cycling.

Why should I use RiderLog?

RiderLog is designed to help riders get more active, stay healthy, but also help improve riding conditions in your local area. When you upload your rides to Bicycle Network from the app (ensure upload is "on" in settings), ever ride you make contributes to better riding conditions.

RiderLog is bike advocacy in your pocket. Your ride logs help Bicycle Network improving riding conditions through our strong voice to government backed by over 50,000 members. Bicycle Network is Australia’s and one of the world’s largest cycling organisations.

How about if I use another app to record my rides?

We understand if you are using another app or device that you may not want to change or use RiderLog for every ride.

But we’d encourage you to install it on your phone and use it to log your rides regularly, especially if you are trying a new route. This means your ride logs can help Bicycle Network improve cycling conditions where you ride by showing authorities the demand for cycling facilities.

RiderLog is different from other ride apps.  Our app is about health and making a contribution, not about competition or best times for segments. By sharing your ride data with Bicycle Network,  a healthy promotion charity,  you help improve riding conditions for everyone.

Help us help riding.

Where does my ride log data go?

If you chose to share your ride log data with Bicycle Network we store is securely on our servers where we can analyse them and report to governments when, where and why people are riding.

You decide how much information about you and your riding gets uploaded.  See our privacy statement here.

RiderLog Report

Why did I lose my ride logs when I updated?

Unfortunately the new app uses a different database and code so you won't have access to the ride logs from the previous iphone/apple version. If that's a problem and you don't want the new features then we recommend you keep the old version. Your logs will still go to Bicycle Network (if you've selected "upload").

Why do I get a location warning? Why does the App have trouble finding my location?

Sometimes when attempting to record a ride you may get the message pictured. Usually this will go away if you select "cancel", wait a few seconds, and try again. This gives the phone time to pick up a gps location. If you hit "ok" and start riding the app will not pick up your location or speed until the gps location is determined.



Why is my ride log map inaccurate?

You may find your logs on the viewable maps show you bouncing all around the place when you actually were traveling in a straight line.  Or the opposite. This is due to a poor gps signal from your phone and often happens when riding beneath or among things that block the satellite gps signal - things like tall buildings, trees and tunnels.

I stop for coffee and my ride stops. How can I stop this?

RiderLog allows you to set the pocket mode time out in Settings to 30min. If you want to stop longer than that you'll need to record two rides. So if you want enjoy your coffee just remember to turn the app on again and start a new ride after your caffeine hit - who wants to rush a good coffee? We did this so you did not have to remember to turn the ride off as it automatically updates the ride log.  We set the limit to 30mins and did not include an auto-pause function as we wanted to ensure the app used the least resources (batter, memory etc) on your phone. The auto-pause function on other apps usually rely on the GPS staying on which drains the battery of the phone.