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RiderLog - Make every ride count

RiderLog is a free app that turns every bike ride in to a vote for better bicycle facilities. A new version for Apple and Android phones will be available from late May 2015.

RiderLog saddles up for new platforms

5 May 2015 - We are finishing the final testing of the app. It's taken us longer than expected to eliminate some bugs but we are now confident of a late May release of the app. See below for some screen shots.

Feb 2015. RiderLog - the free Bicycle Network phone app that can monitors your rides and contributes  the data for bike infrastructure planning -  is being updated for Apple iOS. For the first time it will also be available for Android and Windows phones. All versions will be available for free from Feb/March 2015 .

The existing iOS version will remain until then so please keep on using it. Your existing ride data will be retained and transferred to the new app system.

Please continue to use the existing app and turn your rides into a vote for better bicycle facilities. If you have any feedback on the exiting app please send it to

The RiderLog app records details of riders' trips and anonymously uploads them to the Bicycle Network. The travel logs are then aggregated to show when, where and why we are riding.

This information is used to improve the planning of bicycle infrastructure and convince authorities to invest more in the locations where people ride.  For instance, RiderLog data helped Bicycle Network to get the Shephards Bridge upgraded by showing government the number of riders and where they came from and went to.

Click here to check out a map of aggregated rides in Perth.

The app also used measures lets you set physical activity goals and track your progress towards a healthy, active life.