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Two thirds of Australians don’t move their bodies enough to look after their health and happiness. And when we do move around, instead of using our bodies, too often we’re using resources that are destroying our planet.


We need to get Australia moving around by bike. It’s cheap, easy, convenient and good for our environment. We want to see Australia become a nation of bike riders where our liveable communities are full of happy and healthy people pedalling.

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With the help of nearly 50,000 members nationwide, Bicycle Network is making it easier for everybody to ride a bike, every day.



Latest bike riding news

University’s Sandy Bay plan not clear on bikes

The University of Tasmania has released a “concept master plan” for its Sandy Bay campus to create a new residential, educational and civic precinct but...

Handbrake released on Park Street project

The project to upgrade the streetscape in Park Street in South Melbourne and include better bike facilities is rolling again after being stalled by local...

More parklets and pop-ups for Victoria

A new funding package to support outdoor dining and entertainment is sure to whet the appetite of Victorians emerging from lockdown.

A new webinar on growing bike-friendly cities

Riding a bike is one of the most sustainable ways to move around. So how can we transform our cities so that riding a bike...

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Become a member during spring and score a Bicycle Network jersey worth $90. Offer ends Sunday 14 November.

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