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Two thirds of Australians don’t move their bodies enough to look after their health and happiness. And when we do move around, instead of using our bodies, too often we’re using resources that are destroying our planet.


We need to get Australia moving around by bike. It’s cheap, easy, convenient and good for our environment. We want to see Australia become a nation of bike riders where our liveable communities are full of happy and healthy people pedalling.

How we make a difference

With the help of nearly 50,000 members nationwide, Bicycle Network is making it easier for everybody to ride a bike, every day.



Latest bike riding news

New trails confirmed for Caulfield

Ambitious plans for the future transformation of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve envisage the provision of new bike trail around and within the vast reserve.

Rate and review riding in the city

People who spend time in the City of Melbourne area are being asked to give feedback on the council's new bike lanes.

Inkerman corridor gets double boost

Design development on the much anticipated strategic cycling corridor along Inkerman Street from Caulfield to St Kilda has gained momentum again.

Drive down the risks so we all ride home

Urgent improvements to our roads, safer speed limits and more in-depth data are all needed to help reduce the number of bike rider lives lost...

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Whether you join us in the office, or out on one of our iconic events, you’ll learn new skills, build great relationships and play a role in building a nation of bike riders.

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Sign up for an annual membership and get six bonus months free! Offer ends Sunday 9 May 2021.

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