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E for electric – and epic

Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular as a commuter vehicle, changing the way people can ride. And now the event landscape is changing too.

Hobart’s bike ambitions

Hobart City Council has unveiled an ambitious plan to change the travel habits of its own staff as one of the solutions to the city’s traffic challenges.

Watagans hosts gritty new cycling event

Bicycle Network’s Gravel Grit, the newest event on Australia’s cycling calendar, is coming to the Watagans National Park on the New South Wales Central Coast next month.

Just how liveable is Melbourne?

Melbourne was crowned the world’s most liveable city for the seventh year in a row, but just how liveable is it and where is it headed?

The final Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the spectacular landscapes, brutal climbs and unpredictable climate of Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain, then this is your final chance.

Cars are still eating Sydney

Statistics from the 2016 census indicate that the growth in car ownership in Sydney continues to rise, whereas car ownership in Melbourne has stalled.

Veloway call for calm

The thought of a grade-separated car and truck-free route from Melbourne’s west into the CBD has aroused concern and suspicion among some sectors, with high-profile opposition notably coming from Melbourne City Council.

Help us get rolling on TAC coverage

Our call in The Age for TAC coverage to extend to bike riders has generated significant interest. We’d now love the help of all our amazing members, friends and the wider Victorian bike riding community.