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From the Great Vic to the RoadNats

Is the Great Vic Bike Ride one of Australia’s greatest cycling breeding grounds? It's where new national champ Sarah Gigante discovered her love for bikes.

Ridgley Loops

We are easing into the new year with our first social ride offering: the 18 km Ridgley Loops ride on Sunday 27 January.

Bay Trail doubles up at Brighton

The squeeze will ease on the frenetically active Bay Trail at Brighton with the release of plans which will see one pinch point duplicated.

TASTE bike riders win when they park

Bicycle Network Tasmania is providing free bicycle valet parking at the Taste of Tasmania, offering the chance to win a day’s electric bike hire for two from Cranke.
detour route

More Napier Street detours

As Melbourne Water moves to the next stage of the M41 water main project in North Fitzroy, further detours will be introduced in January.
summer cycling

Beat the heat – tips for summer riding

The warmer weather is kicking in, and whilst we are all excited to enjoy time on the bike over the summer break, it is important to take certain precautions.
james sheppard

Heart Trail – riding for a reason

James Sheppard, the young man who rode 20km Around the Bay just 5 months after a heart transplant, is now gearing up for a 200km ride for a special cause.

Christmas comes early for young riders

This week some lucky students received an early Christmas present as part of Bicycle Networks 'ugly Christmas jersey' campaign - a brand new Reid bike!