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Here are the answers to your most common United Energy Around the Bay questions.

If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us via our website, our Facebook page or call us on 1800 639 634.

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General Information

What are the start times and locations for each ride?
Start times: 
Location: Aughtie Walk, Albert Park

Around the Bay 20km Start time – 9:00am (rider briefing at 8:45am)

Around the Bay 50km: Start time – 7:30am (rider briefing at 7:15am)

Around the Bay 100km: Start time  – 7:00am (rider briefing at 6:45am)

Around the Bay 200km: Start time – 6:30am (rider briefing at 6:15am)

Around the Bay Classic 210km: Start time – 6:00am (rider briefing at 5:45am)

Around the Bay 300km: Start time – 5:30am (rider briefing at 5:15am)

What should I bring?

You want your ride to go as smoothly as possible, so check the weather forecast and prepare your gear the night before. You’ll need the following items to take part in the United Energy Around the Bay: 

  • Helmet
  • Event number/wrist band
  • Lights – front and rear (compulsory)
  • Sunglasses
  • Kit – jersey/knicks/socks/shoes
  • Rain jacket/wind vest
  • Gloves
  • 2 x water bottles

We also suggest that all riders carry:

  • Spare tubes/flat repair kit
  • Money/eftpos card and myki card
  • ID
  • Pump
  • Mobile phone
  • Additional nutrition supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • House key (recommended even if you are using our bag drop services)

Entry Information

Is there a minimum age to participate?
20km and 50km rides

These family friendly rides are open to all ages and kids under 15 ride free!

100km rides

Riders must be 12 or older on the day of the ride. Riders under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

How do I assign tickets to riders?

To assign tickets to other riders please contact us

Can I change my ride option?

To change your ride option please give us a call on 1800 639 634 or contact us via our website. There may be additional costs associated with changing your ride distance. 

  • Downgrading ride to a shorter distance – riders will only receive a refund if downgrading more than 30 days before the event.
  • Upgrading ride to longer distance – riders will be required to pay the difference between prices. 
Can I transfer my ride entry?

To transfer your ride entry please give us a call on 1800 639 634 or contact us via our website. You can also arrange the transfer in person during kit collection. There is a $10 event transfer fee. 

You can transfer:
  • To another rider 

My Rider Pack

How can I collect my rider pack?

Riders can opt to collect their pack in the lead up to the event. Rider pack collection will be run out of the Bicycle Network Melbourne office for two weeks before event day .


Bicycle Network Melbourne office, Level 4, 246 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000


28 September – 1 October, 9:00am – 5:00pm

5 October – 7 October, 9:00am – 5:00pm

8 October, 9:00am – 7:00pm

9 October, 9:00am – 5:00pm

10 October, 10:00am – 2:00pm


If you paid for postage before Wednesday 31 July, you can expect to receive your rider pack in the mail from the Monday 7 September. A “posted” ticket must be selected when purchasing a ticket, it can not be added on at a later date. 

Can I collect a rider pack on behalf of someone else?

Yes – please ensure that you have the rider ID and full name of the person that you’re collecting the rider pack for.

What's in the rider pack?

Included in your rider pack is:
  • Your event jersey/rider shirt (early bird only)
  • Ride guide
  • Rider number plate (for event timing)
  • Wrist band (indicating start wave and lunch)
  • Cable ties to attach your number plate to your bike
  • Sponsor collateral
  • Purchased merchandise

All riders must correctly attach their number plate and wrist band.

The wrist band is essential for lunch collection/snacks and identifying start waves.

Please do not wrap your number plate around your head stem as the timing chip will not work.

How does my ride get timed?

All riders will have a timing tag attached to the back of their rider number plate. This will record rider times crossing the start line, the ferry points and the finish to give an accurate active riding time. If riders do not cross the start or finish mat they will not receive a time.

Is a jersey included in my entry?

A bonus event jersey is included with all entries to United Energy Around the Bay before the early bird deadline (Friday 31 July 2020). Please note, the bonus jersey offer is not available for kids taking advantage of the free ticket option.

What is my jersey size?
Early bird jersey

Use the standard jersey sizing chart to confirm your jersey size before purchasing an entry.

300km riders

Use the elite fit jersey sizing chart to confirm your jersey size before purchasing an entry.

How do I exchange my jersey?

To swap your jersey for the correct size, please bring your event jersey to Bicycle Network HQ during rider pack collection times.

Where: Bicycle Network Melbourne office, Level 4, 246 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000

When: Jersey swap times will be confirmed closer to the event.

Valet Services

What is the valet service?

There is an optional free valet service for 200km+ riders passing through either Sorrento or Queenscliff. 

Riders using the valet service can pack an A4 sized plastic satchel to carry items they may want when they arrive at the rest stop. This may include a fresh kit, extra nutrition or spare tubes. Riders with valet will also receive a second satchel to return anything back to the finish. Previous riders have used this return service to transport spare tubes they don’t need or warm layers.

The valet service can be organised at Bicycle Network during pack collection times. Please bring any items you would like to pack and we’ll provide the A4 plastic satchel to be packed and left with the team.

How do I book the valet service?

200km+ riders will receive a valet bag in their rider pack (no need to book it in). Please ensure packed valet bags are dropped off to Bicycle Network during rider pack collect times.

How do I collect my returned valet items after I finish?

Bicycle Network works hard to have your valet bags back at Albert Park by 3:30pm, however sometimes it can be later than this and we appreciate your patience.

Alternatively, all items can be collected from our Bicycle Network office from Tuesday 13th October, during normal office hours.

Items not collected by Friday 16 October will be disposed of thoughtfully.


What food is included in entry?
The following rides include lunch and a snack.
  • Around the Bay 100km
  • Around the Bay 200km
  • Around the Bay Classic (210km)
  • Around the Bay 300km

Lunch pack includes: Multigrain sandwich, banana & sweet cake

Please note that the lunch is not intended to provide full nutrition for these ride distances. Riders are expected to adequately cater for their nutritional requirements while undertaking their chosen ride distance.

If you are participating in the 20km and 50km rides you will be greeted with a BBQ lunch and snack at the finish site.

What food options will be provided?

There will be five lunch options available:
– Meat
– Vegetarian
– Meat gluten free
– Vegetarian gluten free
– Vegan. 

If you are participating in the 20km and 50km rides you will be greeted with a BBQ lunch and snack at the finish site. 

Where do l collect my food on the ride?
  • Around the Bay Classic (210km Anti-Clockwise)
  • Around the Bay 300km
  • Around the Bay 200km
  • Around the Bay 100km
Finish line 
  • Around the Bay 50km
  • Around the Bay 20km


How do I catch the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento?

If you are participating in the 210km Anti, and 300km rides please make yourself familiar with the ferry loading process.

Ferry loading process:
  1. You must collect your Ferry Sticker from the ferry allocation area. No sticker, no ferry boarding. Different colours co-ordinate with different departure times.
  2. Listen for updates over the PA system “Riders with a blue sticker, please make your way to the ferry loading area
  3. Promptly move to the standby area / ferry loading area
  4. If you miss boarding the ferry when your sticker colour is announced, you will not simply be able to board the next ferry. Priority will be given to riders whose sticker colour coordinates with the departure time.
  5. Please follow instructions from the United Energy Around the Bay volunteers at the standby area if you miss your ferry.
  6. We estimate only 20-80 standby riders will be able to board each ferry after the allocated riders have boarded.

This year 300km riders will get priority access to the ferry – keep an eye out for the dedicated 300km lane and present your sticker to take advantage.

What are the ferry times?

All riders must have their ticket on them and be ready to board the ferry 15 minutes before the departure time.

  • Around the Bay Classic (210km) – The 12:00pm ferry is your cut-off time. An average riding speed of less than 20kph may not make the official cut-off times. We recommend you consider moving down a distance.
  • Around the Bay 300km – The 11:00am ferry is your cut-off time. An average riding speed of less than 25kph may not make the official cut-off times. We recommend you consider moving down a distance.  
2020 ferry departure times:








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