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Women's Community

United Energy Around the Bay is the ride for everyone. It doesn’t matter what bike you ride, how many kilometres you do or what you wear, Bicycle Network’s Women’s Community is here to support you. We’ll make sure that you’re prepared for your next event and have an unforgettable day on the bike.

Women's Community Facebook group

Join the Bicycle Network Women’s Community Facebook group to connect with a supportive group of link-minded women.

The group provides an environment where women can empower and inspire each other to get out on a bike and stay happy and healthy. Whether you're looking for some advice, someone to ride with or inspiration for achieving your goals.

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Gather your riding crew, friends or work mates to enter United Energy Around the Bay as a team and raise money for a very important cause.

Joining the ride as a team will help you raise more money for The Smith Family, give you access to a host of benefits, as well as the opportunity to improve and promote the health and wellbeing of your local community. All while riding and training with a great bunch of people!

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John West corporate team at Around the Bay


Some say you can’t buy happiness, but riding a bike at United Energy Around the Bay with the family in tow is pretty close.

United Energy Around the Bay has three great family-friendly options for bike riders of all levels. Find out how you can get the whole family involved and have a fantastic day out on the bike.

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Grab a ticket by Sunday 24 July to score a bonus event jersey!

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