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Family-friendly bike rides

Some say you can’t buy happiness, but riding a bike at the United Energy Around the Bay with the whole family in tow is pretty close. With six ride options to choose from there’s a ride for everyone. Choose your ride and experience it for yourself – kids under 15 ride free on the 20km and 50km ride options!

Family riding Around the Bay


The perfect option for families and new riders. It’s a challenge but absolutely achievable for the vast majority of ages and abilities. It’s also not too far for mums and dads towing trailers or tagalongs.

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Around the Bay family friendly bike routes


A great option for bigger kids with experience riding on the road. The mighty Westgate Bridge is literally the high-point of this ride with an entire traffic lane to closed off for riders.

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Recommended for those who have a bit of on-road riding experience and are looking for a challenging goal to work towards. Children must be aged 12 years or older to participate in our 100km+ rides*.

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Getting started

Riding with your family

Bike riding with the family is a great way to have fun together. Get the most out of your day at United Energy Around the Bay with our training and preparation tips for the whole family.

Prepare for your ride

Family bike ride
You can ride further than you think

Almost everyone who rides the United Energy Around the Bay (kids included) find that they can ride further than they thought because of the excitement of the event.

Kids also have way more energy than most people give them credit for. You might be surprised how much distance they can cover on a bike if you keep it fun.

If you’re not sure where to start – take a look at our family-friendly ride options for some ideas.

Ride. Ride. Ride.

Get plenty of bike riding in before the day will help you all a lot. You’ll understand each other’s rhythms, the pace you can expect to ride at and you’ll condition your bodies for riding. It’s also a great time to practice your communication and learn how to ride comfortably together as a group.

Check out our training plans available for all ride distances to help you get started.

Iconic Melbourne bike ride

Get the bikes ready

Ride2School m check
Getting started

Before you head out for a family ride, you don’t want annoying mechanical issues holding you back or slowing you down. Bikes in regular use need a service every year to replace worn out parts. Bikes that haven’t been ridden for ages need a service to replace rusted parts and perished tyres.

Check out Ride2School’s very helpful and easy safety check you can do at home – without being an expert. 

Organise a bike service

Your local bike store can service your bike. You’ll need to book it in but they should be able to do it within a week. We recommend that all riders get their bike serviced before the event. A service should check and fix any problems with:

  • brakes,  
  • gears, 
  • wheels and tyres, 
  • headset and crank bearings,
  • suspension (if you have it),
  • loose accessories, like luggage rack, kickstand, basket, etc. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to have everything running smoothly.

Melbourne bike service

Riding with kids

Riding with kids
Kids in front

Ride behind the kids instead of out in front. From behind you can see them and what’s ahead and communicate what to do. Try to keep together in a compact group and stop together when someone needs to pull over.

Have a chat

Talk about every little point of interest along the way like the different kinds of bikes around you or icons like St Kilda beach or Luna Park and chat to the other riders around you to keep it entertaining for the kids.

Take breaks

Stop often—just about every time the kids want to. It might seem like too many interruptions to an adult but it breaks up the monotony. They never want to stop for long anyway—in a minute or two you’re back underway.

Keep eating

Carry plenty of snacks and drinks and encourage them to eat and drink constantly. Bite-size snacks like lolly snakes, bananas, jelly beans and grapes are easy to carry and have more than enough energy to keep you going.

Bike riding with the family

What to take

What to pack
Ride essentials
  • Lots of snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Water (at least one bottle per person)
  • Layers (It’s Melbourne – anything can happen)
  • A set of tools to fix basic mechanicals including; spare tubes, tyre levers, a pump, Allen keys and a spanner for wheel nuts if required.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fix a flat. At the United Energy Around the Bay our on-route mechanics and WARBY (We Are Right Behind You) team have the tools and expertise to fix most mechanical issues you could have during the ride.

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