Victoria heads to the polls on Saturday 26 November

Victorian State Election 2022

Our priorities

A lot of sentiment but not enough action

Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy 2021-2030 pledges to make 25% of all trips by foot or bike by 2025. In other words, we have three years to increase active travel from its current mode share of 18%.

How Victoria plans to deliver on this commitment is unclear. The Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-2028 provides high-level guidance for improving bike conditions across the state. However, given that the transport environment has changed dramatically in the last few years, this may not be the right direction anymore.

It is clear why the Victorian Government wants to increase foot and bike trips. We know bikes are good not only for the environment, but also for health, road decongestion, and the economy. We know that there is likely to be massive benefits for society if we take action.

A pledge to increase active travel is a great start, but it isn’t firm policy. There are active transport projects being rolled out, but it is slow and nowhere near sufficient for the societal benefits to take shape. There is a lot of sentiment, but not enough action.

What we need is a great plan, great policies, and most importantly, great leaders to help us move forward.


Where do we need extra wheels?

The lack of momentum for advancing bikes in Victoria comes down to three key

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Poor funding

Each year, active transport
is short-changed in state

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Community hesitation

Most Victorians are interested
in riding bikes but concerned
about their safety.

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Lack of political will

Politicians tend to like the
‘idea’ of bikes but are not good
at putting their foot down.

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We are recommending candidates to turn these three challenges into three policy priorities…

1. Commit to fairer spending


Our reasons

State government spending on bikes has never been sufficient to ensure a
safe journey for people riding bikes.

Moreover, it has never been transparent. Funding for bikes is often bundled up in
other road projects, which makes it hard to track our progress.

It’s time to support fairer spending. The Victorian Government should
set an active transport budget. This is not just ensuring appropriate funding is available, it is about setting a benchmark for keeping our funding on track, ensuring accountability, and advancing more sustainable transport into the future.

Our recommendations

  • Allocate 10 per cent of the state’s transport budget for active transport projects.


2. Encourage and support the community

Our reasons

We know that roughly 75 per cent of Victorians are interested in riding, we just need to take action on their concerns.

Let’s provide them with some encouragement. The Victorian Government has led a successful electric vehicle subsidy scheme, which was granted further funding in 2022. It is time to consider an equivalent e-bike incentive scheme.

As well as being an even more sustainable transport option than electric cars, e-bikes can increase physical health and occupy much less road space than private vehicles.

E-bike incentives have good precedent in other city and countries. In Australia, Canberra’s ‘try-before-you-buy’ e-bike library has proven successful, and an e-bike leasing program has recently launched in Hobart. It’s time to give e-bikes a go in Victoria.

Let’s also address the community’s concerns by making the roads safer so that people have the confidence and security to give bikes a go. A great way to start this is with a liveable neighbourhoods fund that allows local government to target unsafe shared roads with traffic-calming measures to make communities safer and more liveable.

MIND. BODY. PEDAL Fitzroy High School 2017

Our recommendations

  • Introduce a no-interest e-bike loan scheme that assists Victorians in purchasing e-bikes.
  • Introduce a liveable neighbourhoods fund that communities can access for local traffic calming and placemaking projects.

3. Lead the charge

Our reasons

Achieving a truly liveable city with sustainable transport requires strong governance and strategic direction. Otherwise it is nothing more than an unfocussed aspiration.

Victoria’s Cycling Strategy was published five years ago, but the landscape has changed in ways that were unforseeable. We endured a pandemic, which shifted our transport behaviours. The ‘work from home’ paradigm means more people will be travelling locally, rather than into the city. The gig economy has risen to unprecedented heights. Bike and e-scooter share systems have reemerged in Melbourne, and patronage is higher than ever before.

It’s time to re-examine our vision for active transport and make sure it is
still the right way forward. It is also an opportunity to develop action plans so we can hit the ground running.

Our recommendations

  • Prepare a five-year update of the Victorian Cycling Strategy, with clear and focussed action plans for rolling out critical bike projects and getting Victoria back on track.

How are the major parties tracking? 

Announcements, commitments and promises are coming in thick and fast from all parties. 

We’re combing through the info, tracking and grading all the commitments made so that you can make an informed vote this election.

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Take action

We know that collective action makes a difference. Many seats are held by the slightest of margins. 

This election make sure the voice of bike riders are heard. Reach out to your local members and make sure they don’t forget about bikes. 

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