Darebin Bridge

Together we can link the Darebin Creek Trail to the Main Yarra Trail


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The problem

People of Melbourne’s north-east cannot connect their main off-road path to the network to the south.

The southern end of the 17km-long Darebin Creek Trail stops before connecting to the Main Yarra Trail and its 35 kilometres of off-road riding and extensive path-network connections.

When Darebin Bridge is built, the Darebin Creek Trail will connect:

  • to Melbourne’s Principle Bicycle Network
  • from the Main Yarra Trail to Latrobe University Bundoora and the Latrobe National Employment Cluster (11km)
  • to the CBD via the Main Yarra Trail
  • to the Outer Circle Trail off-road path that heads south-east from this same junction point
  • from the Main Yarra Trail to the Ring Road path (17km).

Bicycle Network and Melbourne bike riders have campaigned for nearly 23 years for this connection against local opposition and long-time opponent, Boroondara council.  

Darebin Bridge link to Main Yarra Trail to be built
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The solution

Build a bridge and let’s get over it

With the span across the Yarra River established in June 2017, the finishing touches of this long process are to lay the trail from the current end of the Darebin Creek Trail to the Main Yarra Trail.

This linkhas bi-partisan support at the state government level and it has been “declared”, which allows access to the land required to complete the trail, and $18M funding was approved in 2012.

Bicycle Network, on behalf of the bike riders of Melbourne, demands that VicRoads, who are responsible for the project, complete the project without delay and provide this vital missing link.

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It’s important that we keep the pressure on VicRoads to bring this project to completion. 

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