Which distance to choose?

So which Around the Bay distance is right for your family? The adults will either know their capacity or can get a sense from our “8 tips for first-timers” page. Judging the capability of kids can be a little trickier. 

You can pedal further than you think

The first thing to realise is that pretty much everyone who rides Around the Bay, kids included, find that they can ride further than they thought because of the excitement of the event. Being part of Australia's biggest bike ride, lifts everyone, and you end up getting to the finish a lot more easily than you expected. 

The second thing is that kids have way more energy than most people give them credit for. As a parent, it won’t be news to you that kids love to be active, but you might be surprised how much distance they can cover on a bike if you keep it fun.

The 20km ride really is for everyone

As a rule of thumb, most children under 12 could happily complete the 20km ride. This includes kids as young as five. In 2016, for the first time in Around the Bay’s 24 year history, the entire 20km route will take place on closed roads, so families can enjoy the ride safely without any motor traffic whatsoever to worry about.   

Children 12 and over are also welcome on the 20km ride and they’ll see plenty of teenagers on the ride. It's also not too far for mums and dads towing trailers or tagalongs. See our “Tips for riding with kids” page for preparation and strategies to have a fun day.

Ride over the Westgate Bridge on the 50km ride

The 50km ride is a great option for bigger kids with experience riding on the road. The mighty Westgate Bridge is literally the high point of this ride and Around the Bay riders have an entire traffic lane to themselves to use the whole way over. This is one of the only ways you can ever experience Westgate views from the seat of a bicycle and Around the Bay riders get to take in the sights in both directions on the outward and return journeys.

Challenge yourself to a cycling century

To participate in our 100km rides children must be aged 12 years or older. This ride option is recommended for those who have a bit of on-road riding experience. For those who haven't tackled a cycling century before, there's a fair bit of training required to help you build up to the full distance. Check out our training plan. It's also the perfect preparation ride for any students who may be tackling the RACV Great Vic.

Ride. Ride. Ride.

Getting plenty of bike riding in before the day will help you all a lot. You’ll understand each other’s rhythms, the sort of pace you can expect to ride at and you’ll condition your bodies for riding. You will also practice your communication and learn how to ride comfortably together as a group.