There are plenty of ways to have fun together as a family but bike riding certainly has to be one of the best.

Family rides

This year, we’re inviting you and your family to join us on Around the Bay.

Family life is often frantic and fraught and it’s becoming more important than ever that we take the time to detach from our screens, take a break and spend some quality time together – whether on event day itself, or on school-holiday and weekend adventures in preparation.   

With our family-friendly rides, from the 25km ride on closed roads, to the 50km ride over the Westgate Bridge, and 100km options, there’s something for everyone – from toddlers on tagalongs to primary school pedallers, too-cool-for-school teens and, of course, mums and dads looking to spend some quality time with their kids.

So what better way to have fun, get active and share in the achievement than by getting on a bike and riding in this year’s Around the Bay?

All kids under 12 ride free!

We understand the pressures on family budgets, so to make it even sweeter – you can bring any kid under 12 for FREE. Plus, we’ve added a concession price for school-aged teens to help boost the savings.*

It’s cheaper than a family night at the movies, it’s better for you, and the benefits reach far beyond the day.
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*Children aged under 12 must still enter the event via the shop. Please note they will not receive a free jersey.