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Basil Hoga Bicycle Rain Jacket

Words by: Jarrad Clatworthy

Staying dry, looking fly

Melbourne might be known as one of the most livable cities in the world, but it is probably more likely to be known by locals for its unpredictable weather conditions.

With this unpredictability it’s always a sound idea to have a quality jacket on hand just in case of a sudden weather shift – as no one enjoys riding home wet and cold!

I’ve tried using a general rain jacket riding home in the rain (one from a hiking brand) but it didn’t breath well which left me a sweaty mess… I’ve also used a road cycling jacket which performed well, but I wanted to find something more versatile (so if I ride to dinner and want to keep the jacket on, I’m not looking like a TDF rider).

The Dutch are well known for preferring the two wheels of a bike over the four of a car, so I thought I’d try out Dutch cycling brand Basil’s Hoga Jacket to see how it holds up when the weather turns.

The verdict

The Basil Hoga Bicycle Rain Jacket is a well thought through jacket that’s specially designed with a commuter and recreational bike rider in mind.

A cycling jacket might not be a new product to the market, but many options available are angled at road cyclists and have a shorter and tighter cut that are angled more for aerodynamics than recreational wear off the bike. If you’re not looking to knock off some KOM’s on Strava and just want a jacket that will keep you warm, dry and breathes well on your average ride the Hoga Bicycle jacket by Basil is simply the best option.

The jacket comes in a multitude of sizes from xs to xxxl so you can have a tailored fit, no matter your size. Please note that this is a unisex jacket – so it’s always best to try it on in person or to follow the sizing chart. There’s a variety of colour options available (black, blue and green) – which is a nice switch up to the fluro colours that we are used to seeing on the road – the blue and green colours are still nice and bright though (if you’re looking for some extra visibility).

The Hoga jacket has great ventilation where you need it the most, with small holes underneath the arms and flaps on the back letting in enough air so your body can breathe yet keeping you warm and dry. The jacket also has a forgiving stretch to the material which gives you a good level of mobility.

Extra features I was impressed with include the size and weight of the jacket – it was small enough to fit worry free in your bag/purse or the back of a jersey easily. The zip is nice and watertight with extra buttons added for a more refined look. Another small feature I was impressed with was the subtle reflective strips added to this jacket – a nice touch to keep you visible when it’s dark.

Overall, this is a jacket worth taking note of, Dutch brand Basil really has thought of everything and created a casual cycling jacket which I would happily wear on my ride to a social event then continuing wearing the jacket out (without fearing that I might look like a MAMIL). The Basil Hoga jacket will set you back $169.99 AUD which might be a steep asking price for some – but once you compare it to other premium jackets and take into consideration all it’s features and 2-year warranty it’s definitely worth your consideration. I would recommend it to anyone who’s commuting on a daily basis.

  • Breathable
  • Range of sizes
  • Casual design
  • Range of colours
  • Waterproof
  • Stretchy
  • No separate male and female sizes
  • Buttons on jacket can be slightly hard to unbutton at times

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