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Bike preparation

You don’t want annoying mechanical issues holding you back or slowing you down on the bike, so here are a few tips to get started.

The M Check

The M Check

Before you ride

Bikes in regular use need a service every year to replace worn out parts. Bikes that haven’t been ridden for ages need a service to replace rusted parts and perished tyres.

The ‘M’ Check is an easy bike safety check you can do at home before your ride – without being an expert.

The 'ABC Quick Check'

This stands for:

A = Air

B = Brakes

C = Chain, crankset and cassette

Quick = Quick release axles 

Check = Test ride

Our good mate Troy from Pedal Power Garage explains each step in this short video.

Getting a bike service

A bike service doesn’t generally include cleaning your bike, but it should include a careful look over the whole bike for cracks in the frame or any safety issues.

A service should check and fix any problems with:
  • brakes
  • gears, 
  • wheels and tyres, 
  • headset and crank bearings,
  • suspension (if you have it),
  • loose accessories, like luggage rack, kickstand, basket, etc. 

We recommend you ask for a quote for the service beforehand—the mechanic should be able to tell what needs to be replaced after a quick scan over the bike—and also ask the mechanic to call you before replacing any parts in addition to the ones agree in the quote. Expect to pay at least $80, which doesn’t include the price of any parts that need replacing.

So do yourself a favour and get your bike serviced. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to have everything running smoothly.


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