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Why HandsUp?

Students riding to school

HandsUp! counts help schools measure their progress and support more students to become physically active. The Ride2School HandsUp! system is a key reporting tool used by schools in our program.

  • Schools can measure the number of students riding and walk to school
  • The information collected can be used to advocate for improved walking and riding in the local community
  • Provides schools access to Ride2School tools

What's involved?

Step 1

Select one day per week to count. We find Wednesday’s work best!

Step 2

Ask students how they travelled to school.

Step 3

Record the results using a HandsUp! data collection sheet.

Step 4

Log into your Ride2School account and enter the results.

The Golden Wheel

The Golden Wheel is awarded each term to the school with the highest average active travel rate. Don’t forget to enter those HandsUp! Counts for a chance to put your name in the Golden Wheel history books!

Our latest winner!

Congratulations to our term one winner, Lockington Consolidation School who achieved an amazing active travel rate of 97.32%

Ride2School Golden Wheel


HandsUp! count sheet

Tracking your active travel progress is a great way to measure your school’s success.

Active travel chart

Download our weekly chart to show Ride2School is more than just a day but a lifelone behaviour change!


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