A single-day event for high schools that aims to inspire more teenage girls to get active through bike riding

The problem

Studies show that teenage girls are active for less than 30 minutes a day—less than half of the daily exercise recommended for teenagers. It’s become clear through a number of studies that girls face more barriers to exercise than boys – with fear and ridicule playing a big role. 

The solution

Led by a team of experts, MIND. BODY. PEDAL sets out to support and celebrate the differences that make high-school aged girls unique, while addressing issues of self-esteem and confidence that hold many back from riding a bike. We want to create a country of active, positive and confident women on bikes.

What does the day involve?

Our approach

Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program, works with event partners Headspace and The Body Shop to deliver four key workshops across the day. 

1. Bike ride

A fully-supported bike ride to explore the local area by bike and to learn basic road safety skills.

2. Bike maintenance

Designed to help develop skills and confidence in maintaining a safe and working bike.

3. Mind

Designed to address issues of self-care and resilience, focusing on social media pressures and peer perception.

4. Body

Designed to cover self-esteem in relation to looking after your skin, personal hygiene and body care.

The event generally runs from 9am-3:15pm but can be adjusted for individual school needs.

Download the draft run sheet
Terms and conditions

*Due to popular demand, MIND.BODY.PEDAL is only available to schools ranked Bronze or higher in
Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program. 

For more information about the initiative, contact the Ride2School team

MIND. BODY. PEDAL is available for individual schools or council areas with goals to increase physical activity among young people. 


Does it work?

In 2016, we ran a MIND. BODY. PEDAL pilot across four schools in Victoria.

In assessing the success of the initiative in getting more girls physically active through bike riding, the pilot revealed the following findings: 

  • 21% of students now walk/ride to school post event
  • 21% of students have given riding/walking to school a go post event
  • 73% of students get 60 minutes of physical activity each day (increase from 63% pre-event
  • Download results
    Mind. Body. Pedal pilot findings from 2016



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