Great Vic Bike Ride

2019 town highlights

Friday 22 November


Robe is the first stop on our epic Great Vic Bike Ride 2019. South Australian favourite seaside town is full of historic buildings, long stretches of white sandy beaches, delicious food and plenty of small-town charm.


  • Robe Beach – This is a must see in Robe. Take a quick dip in sea, or just kick back and enjoy the views.
  • Robe Town Brewery – Who doesn’t love a cheeky beverage after a day of riding. Check out this family run brewery and enjoy a range of their delicious seasonal brews.
  • Cape Dombey Obelisk – This iconic landmark has been around since the 1800’s! Don’t forget to take your camera to capture the amazing views.
  • Karatta Wine Tasting Room – Come and soak up this quaint boutique vineyard and grab a bottle of delicious craft wine to enjoy when you return home.
  • Robe Ice Cream & Lolly Shop – The perfect spot to head down with the family and grab a sweet treat to cap off the end of your day.
Robe Obelisk

Saturday 23 November


Second stop, Millicent! The rural town boasts multiple attractions that are sure to please all.      


  • Millicent National Trust Museum – Step back in time and experience the history of Millicent town, from horse drawn carriages to shipwrecks

  • Millicent Swimming Lake – Cool off from a hard day’s ride with a swim at Millicent’s pristine watering hole.
  • Millicent Redgum Gallery – Look upon in awe as you set foot into Anthony Martin’s creative workspace. The gallery showcases magnificent hardwood sculptures of animals from around the world.
  • Mount Muirhead Lookout – Relax and rest those tired legs while taking in the captivating views surrounding Millicent. 
  • Mayura Station Tasting Room – Taking out the 2017 South Australian Tourism Award, Mayura Station is the place to wine and dine in Millicent. Refuel with a succulent steak and a beverage of choice. 
  • Tantanoola Caves – Mother nature has done it again. The caves are home to some of the most amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations in Australia and are only a short 15-minute drive from Millicent. Bring your camera!

Sunday 24 November

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier brings us to the third point of our Great Vic journey. The town features spectacular coastal riding, lush landscapes and everlasting natural beauty.


  • Blue Lake – This pristine beauty is sure to impress. The lake occupies one of the extinct volcanic craters and exuberates a powerful colour scheme of cobalt blues and steel greys throughout the year. Well worth stopping by for a quick snap.  
  • Umpherston Sinkhole – As you descend into this magical garden, you’ll feel like you’re in another world. It’s not hard to get lost in this sea of green wildlife as you journey into an unknown land.
Mount Gambier Blue Lake
  • Centenary Tower – Make your way to the top of this 190-meter tower to take in the best views on Mount Gambier. Once you’re at the top you can take in the vast volcanic landscape and picturesque views of the iconic Blue Lake from above.
  • The Barn – It wouldn’t be a town highlights reel without a stellar eatery on the list. Come down to enjoy quality grass fed beef, aged to perfection! If your after a post-ride drink you can refresh your palette with a delicately aged wine from the region at the resident Piano Bar.

Monday 25 November


Portland is our fourth stop on the Great Vic 2019. Come and visit this beautiful Victorian town.


  • Powerhouse Motor & Car Museum – For the motor enthusiasts, the museum showcases a stunning collection of vintage cars, motorbikes and other vehicles that will be sure to bring out some nostalgic feelings. 

  • Cape Nelson Lighthouse – The best sea view in Portland is the Cape Nelson Lighthouse. Feel the sensation of the cool sea breeze as you look out upon the rugged coastline and vast stretch of ocean home to the Great Aussie Bight.

  • Botanical Gardens – Portland’s Botanic Gardens are the second oldest in Victoria. Take a stroll, enjoy the spring bloom and the European feel.

  • The Blow Holes – Weather dependent the blowholes create mighty spouts of sea spray during high seas. Often a fun experience if you catch it on its day!

  • World War II Memorial – The War Memorial lookout gives visitors a lesson in history and a fantastic 360-degree views of Portland.

Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 November

Port Fairy

You made it! Port Fairy marks the halfway point on this years Great Vic bike ride. As we congratulate and wave good-bye to some of our fantastic riders from the first leg of our journey we turn to welcome our new participants for the second leg of the trip.


  • Griffith Island – Previously used as a whaling station in the 1800’s the island is now home to the Griffiths Island Lighthouse and the 30,000 Shearwater birds that nest during Australia’s warmer months.

  • Basalt Wines – Located only a short cycle away, Basalt offers an array of local produce best enjoyed over lunch, washed down with their award-winning wines.

  • Port Fairy Golf Links – Make use of the rest day and have a round on one of Victoria’s premier links courses. This is certainly golf with a view!

  • Wishart Gallery – This quaint little gallery showcasing contemporary Australian art also serves as a bar and pizzeria with lovely outdoor seating. A perfect way to enjoy an afternoon.

Thursday 28 November


Peterborough is home to some of the Great Ocean Road’s most prized attractions. Come and experience the might of mother nature and the rugged Southern Coastline in all its natural beauty.


  • 12 Apostles – Created by the forces of mother nature herself, the eight remaining apostles stand some 45 meters above sea level in all their natural beauty. Capture that iconic moment when you visit one of the world’s most inspiring coastlines.

  • Coastal Hot Spots – The Grotto, Bay of Islands and The Arch are all a short trip from Peterborough. Much like their cousins the 12 Apostles, these natural creations have been carved by the relentless elements of the Southern Ocean and must be seen to be believed.

  • 12 Apostles by Helicopter – Ever wanted to see the Great Ocean Road from above? Well, now’s your chance! Take the arvo off to explore your surroundings by air and rest those heavy legs.

  • Coastal Golf – If you didn’t get the chance to play in Port Fairy, Peterborough Golf Club offers a relaxed 9-hole course with a stunning backdrop of coastal views.

Friday 29 November

Beech Forest

Take a moment to breathe in that fresh forest air! Located in the heart of the Otway Ranges, Beech Forest is known for its European heritage, timber industry and natural beauty. The walks and waterfalls in Beech Forest offer some of the best scenery and photo opportunities of the whole 10 days.


  • Triplet Falls – Yep, you guessed it the name speaks for itself! Bear witness to not one but three spectacular waterfalls tucked away in the dense Otway Ranges. Plus, it’s only a short trip away from Otway Fly Treetop Adventures.

  • Hopetoun Falls – Get up and personal with one of the Otways stunning waterfalls. Take the 1km walking route down to the pools at the base of the mighty Hopetouan Falls. Bring your camera!

  • Old Beechy Rail Trail – Arguably one of the best stretches of road on the trip takes you through lush ferns, ancient trees and rolling hills as you make your way to Deans Marsh.

  • Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures – Ever wondered what it’s like to fly among the forest canopy? Well, now you can with this truly incredible outdoor experience from Otway Fly.   


Saturday 30 November

Deans Marsh

Summer is merely a few clock hands away as we ride the final few stages of this amazing Great Vic adventure. Our second last destination places us in the quaint town of Deans Marsh. Tucked away in the hinterlands of Western Victoria, Deans Marsh offers lush pastures and premium produce for your taste buds.


  • Gentle Annie Berry Gardens  – Enjoy the serenity while foraging the berry fields for your fruit of choice. Pick until your hearts content and retire to the cottage for a cup of tea and pastry.

  • Otway Harvest Trail – Summer is fast approaching the Southern Hemisphere which is a perfect time to test the delicate wines, succulent produce and hospitality of the region’s best local estates.

  • Dinny Goonan Wines – Is an award-winning winery which specialises in cool climate Shiraz and Riesling. Spend your last night on the Great Vic reflecting over days gone by while sipping on one of Dinny Goonan’s finest.

  • The Store Deans Marsh – Located in the heart of Deans Marsh, The Store offers and range of fresh produce, a cosy café and a few goodies to take home with you.

Sunday 1 December


You’ve made it! On our final day of riding we hug the coastline along the Great Ocean Road until we arrive at our final destination the iconic surf town that is Torquay.


  • Bells Beach – Whether you’re a surf lover or not, Bells is a must see on the Torquay list. Watch the perfect waves sweep from right to left and crash against the rugged cliffs. Put yourself in the shoes of Australia’s surf pioneers past and present and stand where many surfing legends once stood.  

  • One Spa (RACV Resort) – Pamper yourself and rest those tired legs after many km’s of cycling in days gone by. One Spa offers a variety of luxurious massages, body treatments and hydrotherapy sessions to help you finish your trip feeling relaxed and well rested.   

  • RACV Gold Club – Need to have one last cheeky round before heading back to reality? If that’s you, RACV Golf Club is the place the to be. Enjoy your round!

  • Growlers Restaurant – Finish off the greatest Great Vic ever with a hearty meal from one of Torquay premier eateries. Enjoy one last look at the beautiful Great Ocean Road and that turquoise water while washing it down with a refreshing beverage.  

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