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Be your kids role model

Start bike riding with the family

Instilling a healthy mindset into your kids is hard but an outing on the bike is the perfect opportunity to get a daily dose of fun with the whole family.

What if you could take the family out together for that special day on a bike? In October you can do just that and let them soak up the atmosphere, the fun and the lesson with thousands of fellow bike riders and their families on closed roads during United Energy Around the Bay.

We get that kids don’t ride the same way that adults do and can get bored pedaling.

Here are our six easy steps for riding with kids to get you all over the finish line and have the best time out on the bike:

Bike riding with the family

1. Communicate the route

Let kids know what the ride is likely to go and what they’re likely to see on the way. Try to establish some stops with them to help keep them motivated while you’re riding.

2. Kids ride in front

You can see them and what’s ahead and let them know what to do. Stay together and stop together whenever someone needs to.

3. Have a chat

Getting outdoors clears the cobwebs and relaxes everyone – you might be pleasantly surprised to hear some of the things your kids come up with. Talk about every little point of interest along the way, like St Kilda Baths and Luna Park and see where the conversation goes.

4. Take breaks

Let the kids lead here when they feel they need a break. Take a breather, drink water, have a snack or explore your surroundings – you’ll be back on your way before you know it.

5. Keep them eating

Kids bikes are usually single speed so their little legs can be spinning more than a grown-up’s. Pack lots of healthy bite size snacks to help them replenish the energy they’re burning and keep them going

6. Practice riding together

What better excuse to get you all outdoors and ride ready.You’ll get to know each others rhythms, the pace you can expect on the day all while building your fitness as you go. You’ll also get to practice your communication as a group. Believe me, you’ll thank us for it.

What’s next?

Family bike ride

The old saying, “the family that plays together, stays together” rings true, what better way to inspire your child and have fun while you’re doing it. So dust off the bikes, round up the crew and get outside for a jaunt to see where it takes you.

The best thing is that United Energy Around the Bay is FREE for kids under 15 and there are two ride options; 20km and 50km for families to choose from based on cycling levels.

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