Getting there

Need a lift to the RACV Great Vic? We strongly recommend letting us get you there on our volunteer transport.

Volunteer transport

We’ll sort you out! And we strongly recommend you let us, especially at the end of the ride when we can guarantee you'll be thankful someone else is doing the driving!

In 2017, only vollies will be on site on the Friday night – it's a good chance to get to know your team and how it all works. For certain teams such as bar, catering, campsite, campsite services, eco and live easy it is best if you get there Friday. However if you live in a regional area our buses only leave on Saturday, so we understand. 

Our provided transport details will be confirmed before registration opens. 


Taking your own transport

If you have your own transport, please note that the start and end sites are in different locations. We can provide long term car park access, and a bus to or from whichever end is easier for you. 

If you're making your own way to the start site, we suggest arriving by midday Saturday at the latest – this allows teams to run meetings in the afternoon and you to get acquainted with how it all works.