On route support

The RACV Great Vic route is fully supported to make getting from A to B as enjoyable as possible

Our on-route support includes:

SAG wagons Sick or injured? SAG wagons will ensure you get to the next campsite.

Rest areas Stops along the way to have a breather, go to the toilet and top your drink bottle up before carrying on.

Lunch area Similar to a rest area but we also provide you with lunch! 

First aid We have first aid at rest areas, campsites and out on the road to ensure you get from A to B.

WARBY team "We Are Right Behind You". This team is here to help you out on the road whether it be with mechanical issues or if you just need a bit of motivation.

Marshals Keep an eye open for our high-vis friends out on the road – they are there to point you in the right direction.

Changed traffic conditions We work with Police and VicRoads to implement the safest traffic conditions for our riders.

Signage We don't want you getting lost, so we have signage to point you in the right direction.

Bike mechanics Bike mechanics will be available in case you have an unfortunate mechanical breakdown.