Guiding Victoria’s recovery from COVID-19

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The 2021/2022 State Budget is the key instrument for guiding Victoria’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. It will shape a re-set of the economy: public and private investment, employment, and community development.

It will capture the benefits that have flowed from the sacrifices Victorians made, and multiply them into the future. It can reinforce the great things we want to keep, and stimulate the advances that will deliver us into the future.

Crucially, it can recognise the sudden, emergent burst of public participation in active transport, and with confident, strong investment, accelerate the trend towards the Government’s long-desired goal of sustainable transport and a healthy, active community.

By investing in the programs listed below, Victorians will benefit from permanent, beneficial changes.

Therefore, as we move towards a better normal, we are asking the Andrews Government to increasingly consider the benefits of supporting active transport initiatives. Bicycle Network’s Victorian pre-budget submission focuses on two domains: facilities and facilitation.

City commuters


The Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-202 addresses the need for safer, lower-stress, better-connected bike networks across Melbourne and regional Victoria. The Victorian Government, informed by the Active Transport Victoria unit launched in 2016, has been integral in the delivery of key bike projects, including the Dynon Road bike path upgrades in Melbourne and the ‘Murray to Mountains’ Rail Trail in regional Victoria.

A number of exciting projects have been announced since the 2019/20 Victorian Budget. Bicycle Network is calling on the Andrews Government to leverage Victoria’s current enthusiasm for active travel and ensure that these projects are fast-tracked to ease traffic congestion, ensure safe passage for people riding bikes, and support an active travel future for Victoria.

Recommendations for making more places to ride

  • Deliver the key bike projects announced for Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • Introduce a bike stimulus package to provide local governments with funds for bike projects
  • Build safer bike networks and infrastructure around key railway stations
  • Introduce a business grants scheme for bike parking and end-of-trip facilities
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If we want to build a strong bike riding community, we must recognise that there is more to be done than laying down the lanes.

Supportive legislation, educational campaigns and behaviour change programs that help people become more confident about riding are vital.

We should also understand that some bike riding groups, such as women and children, must be better supported in order for Victoria to build a more inclusive experience.

Recommendations for helping more people ride

  • Fund educational campaigns and police interventions to support Victoria’s new minimum passing distance law
  • Invest in development and implementation of distracted driving technology
  • Expand the Ride2School and Mind.Body.Pedal programs
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