Building for health through bike riding

Building health into our daily lives 

As the Andrews’ Government moves into its fourth year and with an election looming, it’s unfortunately been business as usual for people who ride bikes.

Rather than proactive leadership, all active transport developments and projects have been the result of pre-existing commitments or road/public transport projects.

Given the emerging and entrenched health and congestion challenges facing everyday Victorians – it’s simply not enough.

Victorians need an approach to urban planning and transport that saves, improves and lengthens lives.

We believe that the solution to a happier and healthier Victoria is clear—we must get more people moving around by bike.

By investing in bike riding, we can build health and physical activity into people’s daily lives through transport and recreation.

Bike commuters on Swanston Street, Melbourne, Bicycle Network

As a modern and liveable state, Victoria’s transport system is our most efficient and cost-effective preventative health mechanism.

The public health and connectivity benefits of bike riding and active travel must be given a more prominent role in modern traffic safety and socio-economic models for infrastructure initiatives.

Together we can future-proof Victoria

Bicycle Network is calling on the Andrews’ Government to future-proof the liveability, health and happiness of our communities. 

Beyond political rhetoric, we need a transformational and proactive investment alongside a fast-tracked cycling strategy that’s properly planned, funded, and scheduled for immediate action.

As part of our budget submission, Bicycle Network is asking the VIC Government for the following key asks in the lead up to and beyond the election. 

1. Establish a $126 million+ annual bike fund 

Cycling infrastructure across the state is underfunded. Without a dedicated, ongoing bike infrastructure fund the government cannot take a strategic approach the expansion and early delivery of bicycle networks and cycling projects. 

2. Remove TAC anomaly that excludes bikes

Sadly too many bike riders fall through the cracks of TAC coverage so we’re calling on the government to extend TAC coverage to include any person injured while riding a bike on Victorian roads and paths.

3. Expand Ride2School’s MIND.BODY. PEDAL program

With growing demand for Ride2School’s award winning program across the state, we’re asking the government to invest addition funds to support the expansion of MIND. BODY. PEDAL

4. Improve connectivity at transport hubs

Improving connections to transport hubs is critical in making it easier for people to get active in their communities. We’re asking the government to expand and diversify the provision of secure bike parking at train stations. 

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Together we can future-proof the health and happiness of Victoria. 


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