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Victorians want to move around their communities easily, quickly, cheaply and safely

Victorians are weary. We’re tired of wasting our days stuck in cars on traffic-choked roads or on jam-packed trains or trams.

Worse, we’re tired of politicians who say the right things but are unwilling to make the decisions we need to improve the liveability and happiness of our communities.   

It’s clear that Victorians want a choice. We want to be able to move around our cities easily, cheaply and safely. We want our children to grow up without the burden of preventative disease. We want transport choices that save us time, improve our health, save our environment and boost our economy. 

However, for years, our governments have biased investment into inefficient, inactive and costly transport modes. At the same time, they’ve crimped spending on essential bike facilities and programs, putting the lives of people who already ride and those who want to ride bikes at risk.

This is despite Victoria having the policy settings and strategies designed to increase active travel and put bikes on equal footing with other transport modes.

We know that if we fast-track proactive investment in accessible, separated, connected and attractive places to ride, more people of all ages, backgrounds and genders will. If we build more places to ride and close the gaps in our networks, Victorians will choose active transport over the other modes.  

Bicycle Network is calling on the newly-elected government to set a new, transformative course for Victoria. This is our chance to get Victoria moving and make real change for people who ride.  

With strong coordination, proper prioritisation and a forward-looking program of ongoing investment, we can make bike infrastructure universal and make it easier for more Victorians to jump on their bikes for the health, happiness and liveability of our communities. 

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A newly elected government means new opportunities for bikes 

As part of our budget submission, Bicycle Network is asking the newly elected Andrews’ Labor Government for the following key asks.  

1. Establish a $129 million+ annual bike fund 

To deliver a bicycle network that closes the gaps and matches the demands and abilities of Victorians who are riding or want to, Bicycle Network is asking the government to invest $20 per person, per year, more than $129 million into bikes annually.

2. Get more kids riding through Ride2School

As a successful and cost-effective behaviour change program, Ride2School has established itself as a world leader. Bicycle Network is asking for continued investment in the program over the next four years.

3. Introduce and invest in an enforcement program of MPDL

Bicycle Network would like to see the Victorian Government invest in a close pass cycling initiative like that of the West Midlands Police in the UK which involves enforcement and education of MPDL.

4. Improve connectivity at transport hubs

Improving connections to transport hubs is critical in making it easier for people to get active in their communities. We’re asking the government to expand and diversify the provision of secure bike parking at train stations. 

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Budgeting for election promises

It’s also essential that the government offers a budget that delivers on its election promises to provide better bike infrastructure and linkages for people who ride and walk:  

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We know collective action makes a difference.
Together we can future-proof the health and happiness of Victoria. 


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