We head to the polls on 23 March

NSW State Election 2019

Our message to political parties is: be bold for bikes

Our priorities

It’s time to be bold for bikes 

The increasing cost of living, health and congestion are having a very real impact on the people of NSW. Population growth, urbanisation and new technologies are rapidly changing the accessibility and connectivity of our communities.

Cities around the world with an eye on future growth and liveability are enthusiastically responding to these challenges by moving away from a dependence on cars and investing in efficient, sustainable and affordable active transport.

NSW has reached the point where critical decisions must be made — otherwise the state’s global brand, standard of living, transport network and economy are all at stake.

However, bike riding faces road blocks at every turn. NSW continues to have the lowest bike riding numbers in Australia. At the same time, less than one per cent of the NSW transport budget is allocated to active transport.

We need a government that’s progressive enough to invest in active transport and recreation that saves, improves and lengthens lives.

Making it easier for more people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to ride a bike for transport is one of the best ways to build physical activity into our daily lives, unclog public transport and free up our roads.

This election will be a watershed moment.

Momentum is building for change. The people of NSW are looking for a government that is willing to make the bold decisions that deliver the biggest gains and the answer to today’s challenges isn’t in organised sport or low-co-ordination, vaguely-justified roads and rail.

The people of NSW want to ride bikes and will back a government that promises to unlock the potential of our transport system with active travel and get NSW moving towards health and happiness, rather than a government that is afraid of the loud minority who incorrectly see bike riders as slowing them down.

Our message to the NSW political parties and candidates is:

Be bold for bikes and the people who ride them

Now’s the time to commit to making it easier for more people, of any age or ability, to ride bikes for their own health and happiness and the liveability of the entire community. 

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Our election priorities


Build and connect our cycleways 

Invest in an ongoing annual bike infrastructure fund of $238 million+ (roughly $30 per head of population).

Accelerate plans and funding schedules

Accelerate the delivery of cycling infrastructure and related plans set out in the Future Transport Strategy from 2056 to 2026.

Positive provisioning

Commit to positive provisioning for all state-owned road projects, non-road transport projects and maintenance regimes.


Newcrest Orange Challenge 2018
Low speed local neighbourhoods

Reduce speeds on local streets or in built up environments to 30km/h.

Regional trails and tourism

Amend legislation to remove barriers to rail trails and establish an annual Rail Trail Fund to support development and construction.


Fund a state-wide Ride2School program

Fund Bicycle Network’s flagship behaviour change program Ride2School by investing $4.5 million over four years. 

Station access and bike parking

Every station needs a local bike network and secure bike parking.  

Trial relaxation of helmet laws

Relax MHL with a five-year trial permitting people over the age of 17 to ride on footpaths and cycle paths/trails without a helmet.

Kids riding bikes to school


Enforcement program for minimum passing distance law

Invest in a close-pass enforcement program that includes the establishment of a special policing unit. Learn more here.

Allow footpath riding for all ages in NSW

Remove the age limit and allow people of any age to ride on the footpath. 

Bike policy should not be hard or complicated.

Parties of all ideologies can make a massive difference for people who ride. 


And if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out our NSW Budget submission 2019-20. 

Budget submission

Take action

We know that collective action makes a difference.

This election make sure the voice of bike riders are heard. Reach out to your local members and make sure they don’t forget about bikes. 


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