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Is it getting easier to ride a bike in Australia?
Four Photos tracks the progress of important bike routes in our cities.




Launceston could be an easy town to ride around, but there are missing links and poor quality trails and not one protected on-road bike lane. We’ve chosen four places that can be improved and recommended changes.

We have described why we have included each location and what can be done to improve it. We’ll go back every two years to check on the progress.

Photo 1: End of Inveresk Trail at Mowbray

Why: If this missing link was fixed and the trail improved it would create an off-road link from Rocherlea right through to the Launceston city cenre.

What: A connection from the end of the Inveresk Trail around the Mowbray Turf Club to connect with the trail to Rocherlea. 

Photo taken September 2019.

Photo 2: Gleadow Street, Invermay

Why: There needs to be a direct cycling link between the two campuses that is suitable for all ages and abilities. 

What: a reconfigured street that includes safe cycling links between the university campuses at Inveresk and Newnham.  

Photo taken September 2019.

Photo 3: Unsealed section of Inveresk Trail between Heritage Forest and Vermont Road

Why: this could be a commuter link to the university campus at Inveresk but it’s gravel surface gets wet in winter and deters people from using it.

What: seal the Inveresk Trail up to Vermont Road. 

Photo taken September 2019.

Photo 4: Paterson Street

Why: Launceston has no on-road protected lanes and Paterson Street provides a direct link from the west of the city and a wide enough road to accommodate a protected bike lane.

What: a protected bike lane along Paterson Street. 

Photo taken September 2019.

Four Photos

The cities


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