Tasmanian City Council votes

We are tracking the council votes and debates for projects/changes which impact on bike riding and have included all the decisions we are aware of in this recent council term.

Tasmania’s councils were last elected in October 2018 to serve four-year terms, so the next elections are due in 2022. The exception to this was Glenorchy City Council which held elections in January 2018, but will be back in step with other councils for the elections in 2022.

If you are aware of an upcoming or past vote on a project which affects bike riding let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

Burnie City Council

Clarence City Council

Clarence Council has a Bicycle Advisory Committee and Tracks and Trails Committee that it receives quarterly reports from, all reports were accepted unanimously.

Devonport City Council

Devonport City Council has a comprehensive bicycle strategy and progress on it is reported to the council each year – in this term all councillors have accepted and supported the yearly bike strategy progress reports.

Glenorchy City Council

Hobart City Council

Hobart Council had a Bicycle Committee which was renamed during this term to the Hobart Active Transport Committee, which reports its minutes to the Infrastructure Committee.

Launceston Council

Launceston Council has a Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee that reports its minutes to the council, all minutes were accepted unanimously. During this term the committee was disbanded and replaced by the Transport Committee.


Page last updated: 15 June 2022

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