The problem

Transport is one of Australia’s biggest contributors to carbon emissions and has a huge impact on our climate.

Transport was responsible for more than 18% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019*, caused by petrol and fuel use by vehicles.

This means that every time we jump in a car we’re contributing to climate change, which is bad news.

Climate change will cause hotter and drier weather, leading to more regular droughts and harsher bushfire weather. We’ll also have more intense and extreme rainfall events, severe thunderstorms and increased flooding from rising sea levels**.

The good news is we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from transport, which will slow the effects of climate change and reduce the risk of extreme and unpredictable weather.

Bike riding is incredibly popular – 10 million Australians ride every year – but only 200,000 ride to work. If we all jump on our bikes when we need to get around, as well as when we want to have fun, we could make a massive contribution to saving our planet.

The solution

Ride a bike.

Every kilometre we ride instead of drive saves more than 240 grams of carbon.

There are plenty of trips that can be made on a bike – whether it’s to work, school, the shops or even the local pub for a Friday night meal.

People who don’t ride very often can start by aiming to ride to work one day a week. Even if your commute is just five kilometres, you’ll save more than 117 kilograms of carbon emissions each year.

Maybe you’re a regular cyclist who heads out to the hills every weekend but don’t use a bike for everyday transport. You could try riding to the shops when you run out of bread or going to school with the kids on a bike.

On Wednesday 26 August 2020 we decided to #parkitfortheplanet and asked Australians to pledge to swap one car trip for a bike ride. Park it for the Planet was inspired by ABC’s Fight for Planet A series, airing from Tuesday 11 August 2020.

Park it for the planet

Bike riding and climate change

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How to learn more

Here are some handy resources if you’d like a hand to start riding, learn more about climate change or do more to reduce your carbon emissions.

Start riding

Bicycle Network has some tips for people of all ages and ability to help you choose a bike and gear, plan a route and prepare for your ride.

Start riding

Climate Council

The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation, providing expert advice to the Australian public on climate change and solutions.

Read more

One Small Step

One Small Step is a mobile app with tailored programs to help you cut your carbon footprint using behavioural science to make green living simple, easy and fun.  

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What else does Bicycle Network do?

Bicycle Network takes a responsible approach to the things we do and makes sure we are as green as possible.

As well as making it easy for all team members to ride a bike every day we minimise our vehicle use, have a reduce, reuse, recycle policy and keep energy use down at our offices with light timers. 

People who have been on our events including the Great Vic Bike Ride and Peaks Challenge Falls Creek will also have noticed our phase out of unnecessary single use and disposable products.

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