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Sydney surges ahead with separation

The City of Sydney’s head of Cycling Strategy, Fiona Campbell, was a big hit at the recent Bike Futures seminar, showing how separated cycleways could be retrofitted into old city streets.
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Minimising the impact of construction

Bicycle Network brought together bike advocates and stakeholders from across Sydney to discuss issues and concerns arising from major construction works.
WA anti speeding campaign

WA ads still not up to speed

Despite already being embarrassed once this year by bike-shaming advertisements, the WA Government has doubled down with a confusing reboot.
Port Phillip

Port Phillip to boost bike network

The City of Port Phillip has signalled a major upgrade to it bike riding network, with eleven bike corridors to be completed in the next 10 years.

Beach Road works on the move

Sharing the Road was the theme at the RMS Western Region Bike Forum this year. NSW Public Affairs Manager, Bastien Wallace presented ‘Beyond the Big Smoke’, highlighting the pot-holes and pitfalls of road sharing for people riding bikes, and the opportunities created when communities become more bike friendly. This followed on from hearing of the […]
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Tour de France 2018 preview

The Tour de France 2018 is the 105th edition of the world's most famous bike race and is set to be a particularly memorable edition. Here's a race preview.
Arthurs Seat - United Energy Around the Bay 300km

Not your average bay ride

For the first time in the event's history, Bicycle Network is running a 300km ride option in the United Energy Around the Bay.