Can I still ride my bike outdoors?

Bicycle Network has advice about when, where and who you can ride with during coronavirus restrictions. Advice was last updated on 23 November 2020.

World Heritage sites give cars the boot

Some of the most valued and appreciated places in the world are taking a lesson from the COVID-19 lockdown and keeping their streets clear of motor cars.

COVID loves obesity

Another great reason to keep riding has emerged with research now confirming a worrying relationship between obesity and the impacts of COVID-19.

Bike maintenance during lockdown

Melbourne's business restrictions have changed the way bike servicing operates. Here's how you can keep your bike going during lockdown.

Yarra lanes locked in

Improved bike lanes on Elizabeth Street in Richmond and Park Street in Fitzroy North are here to stay.

Europe’s pop-up lanes are promising

German climate researchers have assessed that the new bike infrastructure rolled out across Europe has potential to deliver $3B in health benefits each year.

Great Vic Bike Ride held off for 2020

The Great Vic will sadly not go ahead this year due to COVID-19, however we will be back in 2021 to visit the art silos and Grampians in Western Victoria.

No changes to Trenerry Crescent

Trenerry Crescent between Clifton Hill and Abbotsford will remain unchanged for the time being after a City of Yarra vote by councillors.

Should I wear a mask when riding?

There are exceptions to mask and face cover rules for people riding bikes, however you always need to carry one and should cover up when possible.
eastern trails network

Places to ride during lockdown

Avoid the lockdown blues with this list of great places to ride around Melbourne, including some reminders about staying safe and active.
Sydney pop up bike lanes

Sydney plans to keep pedalling

Sydney was quick to announce and implement pop-up bike lanes as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now Lord Mayor Clover Moore wants more.

Ride on Melbourne

Today residents of Greater Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire begin day one of a six-week stint in stage three lockdown.
ireland spends big on bikes

Ireland spending up big on bikes

The Republic of Ireland have committed a whopping €360 million annually (over AU$586 million) to cycling and walking schemes for the next five years.

COVID has lessons for road safety

A powerful new report urges the government to learn the lessons of COVID-19 and apply them to the development of the new National Road Safety Strategy.
italy bike riding stimulus

Italy funds recovery by bike

Italians who buy a new bicycle can get up to 500 euros from government as part of a 55-billion-euro stimulus package for Italy's virus-stricken economy.
Traffic noise

The shock of the quiet

Without the incessant thrum of motors, wheels and exhausts, our world is revealing a soundscape that has been hidden from us since the advent of motordom.

Pop-up cycleways for central Sydney

More than 10 kilometres of pop-up bike lanes will be installed in the City of Sydney in the coming weeks as part of the NSW state government's plan to ease coronavirus restrictions.

Slow roll out of restrictions

There has been an easing of COVID-19 restrictions in some parts of Australia – but we have to hold off from going back to the big bunch.

Covid count shows bikes are booming

Bike riders made up nearly half of all users on Hobart's recreational paths in a count done on 25 April to document the boom in riding during COVID-19 restrictions.
Protected bike lane

Pop-up bike lanes for Melbourne

City of Melbourne will be the first place in Australia to install pop-up bike lanes as a response to the increased number of bike riders during COVID-19.

French to get bike repair cash

Tres bien – the French government is offering citizens $85 for bike servicing and repair. It's just one of many things being done to keep people riding.

Bike rider numbers continue to grow

The latest count of people riding during COVID-19 has confirmed what we've all been thinking – they're bursting at the seams and we need more space to ride.

Redefining our relationship with riding

We chatted to four different people who've redefined their relationship with riding bikes since the COVID-19 lockdown. How have you redefined your relationship with riding?