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Get up and going on World Mental Health Day

Wednesday 10 October is World Mental Health Day, a day that aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and support people in managing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.
Ride2Work_Melbourne, Albert Street

Lack of exercise puts one in four at risk

The world’s leading health agency has called for urgent action on physical inactivity with a new report finding that a quarter of all adults worldwide fail to get enough exercise.
Australia's Health 2018

It’s about quality and quantity

Australians may be living longer, but our biennial health report card shows that we need to work on the lifestyle factors that impact our quality of life.

Drag your bike out of the shed

As part of Men's Health Week, Bicycle Network is calling on Australian men to go back to the shed, and get out their bikes.

What does it take to switch transport choices?

Tasmanians will be the guinea pigs inr understanding what it takes to get people out of cars and into active transport and public transport, in the new Health by Stealth research project.
Women's Health Week comedy gala

Women’s Health Week Comedy Gala

Sitting around all day and not exercising can result in a risk of death that is three times higher than for smoking, a new study shows. Conversely, being extremely fit reduced your risk of death by 80 per cent compared to modestly fit people. The study is another powerful reinforcement of many recent findings that […]
COSA cancer research

Cycling to cure cancer

Australia's peak body representing cancer doctors is recommending that exercise and bike riding becomes a cornerstone of cancer treatment.
Bikes to beat bulge in the West

Bikes to beat bulge in the West

Melbourne’s western suburbs are planning to use bikes to tackle some of the lowest physical activity rates in Victoria, and the associated health issues.
Ageing bike rider

Bikes wind back the ageing clock

Two new studies of older adults – who during their life have exercised long and hard on a bike – has found that they rolled back the ageing clock.
Bicycle Network Tasmania social rides program recognised

Rides program recognised

This year’s Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards saw Bicycle Network Tasmania’s social rides program recognised for getting Tasmanians more physically active.
Health report

Health report – September 2017

We've done the rounds of the recent local and international health research to bring you a wrap up of reasons to ride a bike.
Health report

Health report – August 2017

We've done the rounds of the recent local and international health research to bring you a wrap up of reasons to ride a bike.