Your guide to getting back on the bike

The Christmas break can be the perfect time to jump back on the bike and carry healthy habits into the new year. Check out our guide to getting started!

Transport CO2 reduction stalls

Australian consumer preferences for heavier vehicles with larger and more powerful engines are to blame for our climate damaging CO2 emissions.

Exercise matters to white matter

A new study of over 1200 MRI scans has found that those your brain has better structure and functioning if you exercise and are fit.

Victorian wellbeing plan goes active

The Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2019–2023 has outlined active living as a focus area to improve the wellbeing of our people and communities.

Q&A with Justin from GoGet

Bicycle Network recently had a chat with Justin, the General Manager of car share company GoGet, and found we actually have a lot in common.

A simple solution to imbalance

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards speaks about how we can address the gender imbalance in bike riding to make sure all Australians are active and healthy.
la trobe street detour

Even a little riding lifts health

A new Swedish study has found that fitness rates are declining at a dangerous rate, but an active lifestyle can help reverse the trend, and could save your life.

No sustainability without bikes

Australia’s national infrastructure planners say we must overcome low rates of active transport to improve transport and sustainability across the nation.
e-scooter pollution

Are e-scooters polluters

A new study has found that e-scooter programs do not reduce the environmental impact of transportation systems, and in most cases increase greenhouse emissions.
Comox-Helmcken Greenway

Greenway = bums off couch and on bike seat

A study measuring physical activity in residents pre and post developing of a bike-friendly thoroughfare proved that investing in infrastructure does get more people active.