Detours and closures

How boring! New bike lanes removed.

Separated bike lanes along Linlithgow Avenue in the Domain Parklands will be temporarily ripped out so tunnel boring machines can travel along the street.

New Ring Road Trail detour

The M80 trail will have an additional detour for a short period next month, with the Blaxland Avenue overpass unavailable for about a week in mid-September.

Canning approaches completion

The year-long disruption of bike-busy Canning Street during the major M205 water main project is almost wrapped up, with only a few detours remaining.

Stop-go on Main Yarra Trail

Riders along the Main Yarra Trail through Richmond-Abbotsford may experience some short delays over the next week as Yarra Trams undertakes some upgrades.

Disruption in North Altona

Riders along Dohertys Road in North Altona near the Altona Memorial Park should to be aware of ongoing water main works over the next eight months.

Short detour on Maribyrnong Trail

There will be a short detour on the Maribyrnong Trail for several days next week along the gravel segment of the trail, near the existing pipe bridge crossing of the river.

La Trobe Street closure

The eastbound lanes of La Trobe Street—including the bike lane—will be closed to traffic for three weeks due to work on the Metro Tunnel project.

Yarra Trail riders stranded

The Collins Bridge at Gipps Street is closed for eight weeks for repairs, shutting off a vital crossing of the Yarra for many riders and pedestrians.
capital city trail royal park

Royal Park detour a park tour

The detour of the Capital City Trail for landscaping developments near the Melbourne Zoo has turned out to be more of a tour of the park than a detour.
m80 ring road detour

Detour starts for M80 Trail

A section of the M80 Trail along the Ring Road at Thomastown will be detoured though quiet local streets from next Monday.
burnley street

Changed conditions on Burnley Street

There will be some minor impacts expected on people riding bikes in Richmond in early July as the Hawthorn Sewer upgrade project hits Murphy and Palmer Street.
canning street detour

Canning to get final seal

The prolonged water main project along Canning Street is in its final stages, and with work wrapping up, the time has come to give the road a fresh new seal.

Silt tilt strikes Yarra Trail

Silt that has built up beneath the Main Yarra Trail pontoons in Burnley needs to be removed. It will cause closures to the trail.

Road closures at Carrum

Riders heading south in the coming days should be aware that Station Street in Carrum will be closed for road works.

Changes at Walmer Street Bridge

The construction project adjacent to the Walmer Street Bridge in Abbotsford will make temporary alterations to bike and pedestrian movement.

Bikes palmed off Yarra Trail

The move of a couple of stately palm trees will close a section of the Yarra Trail near the rowing sheds next week.

Work starts on Edgars Road-M80 upgrade

Work is now underway on the next stage of the M80 Ring Road upgrade, and there will be impacts on the M80 Trail as works proceed over the next three years.

Bridge lift to close trail

The construction of a new bike and pedestrian bridge on the Federation Trail over Leakes Road in Truganina will require a one day detour of the Trail.

Smart works to stunt M7 riders

Works on the M4 Smart Motorway where it intersects with the M7 at Eastern Creek will cause changes to the M7 riding and walking trail from this weekend.

Interruption to Capital City Trail

The water main project along Canning Street, North Carlton, moves across to the Capital City Trail next week, requiring a short detour for bikes.

Detour if you ride on Clyde

People who ride on Clyde Road near Berwick station will encounter a small detour next week as preliminary work for removal of the level crossing is done.

Bike route goes to water

The Albert Street bike route in East Melbourne will be diverted for up to two weeks for emergency water works.

Southbank works: care needed

People getting their exercise with a bike ride near Southbank need to be alert to service proving works on the Promenade over the next two weeks.
canning street detour

Canning Street detour switch

The installation of the major water main in Canning Street will enter Stage 5 next week with the detour in place at Park Street in North Carlton.
rathdowne street disruptions

Rathdowne street disruptions

Riders along Rathdowne Street into the city may face minor disruptions until the end of April with gas works closing bike lanes at various locations.

Dodgy detour puts Sydney riders in danger

The cycle bridge over Victoria Road in Sydney's inner west has been shut down for construction of the WestConnex motorway — and riders aren't happy with the detour.
merri creek detour

Merri Creek connection cut

The shared path through Thomas Kidney Reserve will be closed to users from next Monday 16 March for up to four weeks.
canning street detour

New Canning Street detours

With works continuing to progress along Canning Street for the new water main installation, detours will be modified again this week.
enterprize park

Enterprize Park improvements start

The City of Melbourne will soon start the upgrades to Enterprise Park on the north side of the Yarra River between Melbourne Aquarium and Queens Bridge Street.

Minor Upfield path closure

The Upfield Path will be closed temporarily between West and Duckett Street near Anstey station while building demolition takes place next week.

Bike squeeze on Grattan Street

Bike access to the western section of Grattan Street will be restricted as work starts on the creation of two station entrances outside the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
moonee ponds creek trail

Moonee Ponds Creek Trail re-surfacing

A short section of the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail will be resurfaced overnight on Sunday, February 9. Riders between 9pm and 5am will be detoured.

New Galada Tamboore Trail detour

The next stage of the detour of the Galada Timboore Trail at O’Herns Road, Epping is afoot and a detour is in place for riders.
route 96 detour

Capital City Trail closure ahead

The Capital City Trail will be closed for the first week in January for tram works at Nicholson Street as part of the Route 96 upgrade project. See map of detour.

Plenty Road stage 2 underway

Now that stage 2 of the Plenty Road upgrade is underway, bike lanes are closed and a detour is in place. See the detour route.

Detour at Ballarat Road Bridge

Upgrade works to the Ballarat Road Bridge in Flemington will close the outbound bike lane from next week until mid-February.