Detours and closures

Putting a spark into Collingwood

Putting a spark into Collingwood

The installation of a new underground electricity network through Collingwood may intermittently interrupt bike routes over the next five months.

Peel Street upgrade starts

Work installing protected kerbside bike lanes—and peak period bike lanes—on Peel Street, North Melbourne, starts on Sunday.
Works begin on Childs Road project

Works begin on Childs Road project

The upgrade of Childs Road—that will also deliver a bike underpass on the Darebin Creek Trail—is underway. Some bike routes will be impacted during build.
Blaxland Ave bridge closed for a month

Blaxland Ave bridge closed for a month

Riders on the M80 trail and connecting routes will be required to detour through Thomastown over the next month while the Blaxland Avenue bike bridge gets extended.

St Albans trail powers down

Work is getting underway soon on a major new electricity substation adjacent to the St Albans Road trail that may cause disruptions to bikes along the route.

Another Reefton road closure

Riders in the eastern Yarra Ranges should be on the lookout for work sites, with work now starting on the Woods Point Road at Reefton that was damaged in a landslip last year.
Tunnel works narrow Laurens Street

Tunnel works narrow Laurens Street

The bike lanes in Laurens Street, North Melbourne, will be slimmer as the street is narrowed for works on the new Arden Station as part of the Metro Tunnel project.
Big prune to wrinkle Main Yarra Trail

Big prune to wrinkle Main Yarra Trail

The City of Yarra is coming to the rescue along the Main Yarra Trail with a ten day pruning blitz from Burnley to Dights Falls to keep those creeping branches at bay.
Bay Trail detour alert

Bay Trail detour alert

The Bay Trail at St Kilda Beach will be detoured around a major worksite for the next year as Melbourne Water start construction on replacing the Shakespeare Grove main drain.

City security works continue

Several security projects continue along bike routes through he city requiring caution as increasing numbers of riders return to the CBD commute.

Closures along Djerring Trail

Sections of the Djerring Trail between Caulfield and Sandown Park will be restricted intermittently until the end of February.

Carlton bike lane disruption

The popular bike lane along Queensberry Street in Carlton will be disrupted for the next couple of months by a water main renewal project.
Trail terminates at Docklands Studios

Trail terminates at Docklands Studios

A section of the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail adjacent to Docklands Studios has closed to enable the construction of the new Sound Stage 6 project.
Caution required at Southgate

Caution required at Southgate

Riders should be alert to construction works as a concrete block is installed at the foot of Southgate Ave to control vehicle intrusion into promenade.
Change to M80 trail detour

Change to M80 trail detour

Riders along the M80 Ring Road Trail in Thomastown can expect a minor change to their detour from next Monday.
Bridge works to detour Fed Trail

Federation Trail Detour update

Works on construction of the new Federation Trail bridge at Williams Landing are underway again, causing the trail to be closed and detoured.
Gardiners Creek Toorak Road de-silting

Toorak Road underpass improvements

Silt deposits in the Gardiners Creek at Toorak Road are being removed in an attempt to prevent frequent and annoying flooding of the adjacent trail.
The Main Yarra Trail Hawthorn Bridge detour

Hawthorn Bridge works close path link

A short section of path that riders use to connect to Bridge Road via Yarra Boulevard from the Main Yarra Trail will be closed from time to time from next week until Christmas.
Frensham Reserve closure

Frensham Reserve trail closed

The relocation of transmission towers to Frensham Reserve, Watsonia will require the closure of a section of the trail this month.

Road works on Great Ocean Road

Riders taking advantage of the new freedoms and exploring further west on the Great Ocean Road may encounter a lane closure at Separation Creek.

More security installation along the Yarra

Riders should take care as work gets underway next week on the installation of additional security measures in public areas on the north and south banks of the Yarra River.

Vital path link closed

The bike link on Todd Road, Port Melbourne, will be closed for all of next week, with the off-road path to be re-instated following electricity works under the bridge.

Detour for bike bridge construction

Work will start later this month on the new bridge that will take the Federation Trail over the Westgate Freeway inbound exit ramp at Williamstown Road.

Seddon sewer project

Melbourne Water will be undertaking sewer inspections around Seddon this month on streets that can be busy with bikes.
William Street bike lane along the Flagstaff Gardens

Bus operation to squeeze bike lane

The William Street bike lane along the Flagstaff Gardens will be squeezed for space for a while during November due to a major replacement-bus operation.
Closures on the Hallam Bypass Trail

Closures on the Hallam Bypass Trail

There will be intermittent closures of the Hallam Bypass Trail from now until the end of November as part of Stage 2 of the Monash Freeway Upgrade.

Elizabeth Street transformation starts

Early works to prepare for a transformation of the southern end of Elizabeth Street are now getting underway with some disruption to bike routes expected.

How boring! New bike lanes removed.

Separated bike lanes along Linlithgow Avenue in the Domain Parklands will be temporarily ripped out so tunnel boring machines can travel along the street.

New Ring Road Trail detour

The M80 trail will have an additional detour for a short period next month, with the Blaxland Avenue overpass unavailable for about a week in mid-September.

Canning approaches completion

The year-long disruption of bike-busy Canning Street during the major M205 water main project is almost wrapped up, with only a few detours remaining.

Stop-go on Main Yarra Trail

Riders along the Main Yarra Trail through Richmond-Abbotsford may experience some short delays over the next week as Yarra Trams undertakes some upgrades.

Disruption in North Altona

Riders along Dohertys Road in North Altona near the Altona Memorial Park should to be aware of ongoing water main works over the next eight months.

Short detour on Maribyrnong Trail

There will be a short detour on the Maribyrnong Trail for several days next week along the gravel segment of the trail, near the existing pipe bridge crossing of the river.

La Trobe Street closure

The eastbound lanes of La Trobe Street—including the bike lane—will be closed to traffic for three weeks due to work on the Metro Tunnel project.

Yarra Trail riders stranded

The Collins Bridge at Gipps Street is closed for eight weeks for repairs, shutting off a vital crossing of the Yarra for many riders and pedestrians.
m80 ring road detour

Detour starts for M80 Trail

A section of the M80 Trail along the Ring Road at Thomastown will be detoured though quiet local streets from next Monday.
burnley street

Changed conditions on Burnley Street

There will be some minor impacts expected on people riding bikes in Richmond in early July as the Hawthorn Sewer upgrade project hits Murphy and Palmer Street.