E-bike leasing comes to Tasmania

The purchase cost of electric bicycles can turn some people off trying them, but employed Tasmanians now have another option: e-bike leasing.

Leasing company, E-stralian, has teamed up with the University of Tasmania and MONA  to offer e-bike leases to staff.

Now that E-stralian has set up the distribution and maintenance networks to service the university, it is available for other Tasmanian employers to offer to staff.

The full range of e-bikes will be available for staff to lease, with the added benefit of having access to some brands not currently supplied in Tasmania such as the premium, German designed and built Riese & Muller brand of bikes, which are very popular for E-stralian riders in Tasmania so far. 

E-stralian provides a large range of bikes, including cargo bikes, the more standard city bikes and mountain bikes from quality brands such as Trek, Merida, Norco, Orbea, GoCulce, E-green, AVE Kettler and ISCOCO.

The range is a bit overwhelming, which is why E-Stralian offers advice on which bikes may be better suited to Tasmania’s hillier terrain or your commute in general. 

As well as bike advice, E-stralian also provides skills training and route-finding services to help you find the safest and most enjoyable commute.

How does e-bike leasing work?

Leasing an e-bike is just like leasing a car. You and your employer sign an agreement for the cost of the e-bike lease to be deducted from your pre-tax salary. 

Like many car leases, e-bike leases include an insurer-backed lock, maintenance and repairs, insurance against theft and repairs, and Bicycle Network’s Rider Rescue.

Riders have the option to lease a bike for 1–5 years. There is zero residual value at the end of a 5-year lease and is the rider’s to keep.  Following a 1–4 year lease, riders can choose to return their bike, re-lease their bike or buy the bike out.

Your lease depends on you using the bike for mostly work commuting. E-stralian provides you a log sheet and recommends that you record your trips over a representative 12-week continuous period during the first year of your lease for ATO reporting purposes. Family drop-offs, incidental stops at shops and longer rides home that are safer and more enjoyable are all acceptable. 

E-Stralian will calculate your lease cost based on the bike you choose and how many kilometres you think you’ll ride each week.

What if something goes wrong with bike?

The e-bike lease includes the cost of regular maintenance based on the number of kilometres you expect to ride.

E-stralian has partnered with a mobile mechanic who will build, deliver and service your bike based on convenience at home or work (taking reasonable destinations in account). 

 How do I arrange e-bike leasing at my work?

Your employer needs to agree to work with E-stralian.

Now that E-stralian is operating in Hobart that should be as simple as your employer contacting them to establish an arrangement.

If you have more questions about e-bike leasing there is more information on the E-Stralian website at or send an email to