Calder Park trail opportunity

The project to remove two level crossings in Melbourne’s outer north-west has provided an opportunity to extend the commuter trail network to growing suburbs.

Level crossings at Calder Park Drive and Holden Road will be removed by 2025. The crossings are on the Sunbury line between Sunshine and Watergardens where there is a trail along the rail corridor, although of variable quality.

The corridor right through to Sunbury is identified as a future Strategic Cycling Corridor by the state government, which means that at some time in the future there will be a high-quality bike connection right through.

Will the government seize the opportunity of these two projects to contribute to the further development of the trail?

The proposed Calder Park Drive bridge over the line will be fitted with bike facilities, but detailed designs have not yet emerged. This bridge will initially have two traffic lanes and bike facilities, but provision is being made for upgrading in the future.

With Holden Road being closed at the rail crossings, riders will require good permeable and safe local connections to get them to the bridges that cross the rail line barrier.

The twin projects, one on each side of Calder Park, are now open for preliminary consultation here. Riders can ask questions and fill in a survey.

The state government says the project complements future road upgrades in the area, with planning for the Calder Park Drive Interchange and the Bulla Bypass currently underway to improve travel times and journey reliability.

The project will improve access along the Calder Freeway, and the potential future Bulla Bypass will see a new road link from Sunbury and the northern suburbs.

It comes as works on the Sunbury Road upgrade forge ahead, with crews working to widen the road, improving safety and easing congestion for more than 44,000 daily motorists by 2031. These projects will include bike facilities.

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