yarra valley trail
Yarra Valley Rail Trail picks up some steam

There has been positive progress on the rollout of the Yarra Valley Trail northeast of Melbourne, with planning underway in Yarra Glen and a funding commitment for future extension.

Yarra Ranges Council have posted their Notice of Decision to start Stage 1B in the rail trail upgrade, connecting Lilydale with Yarra Glen. The works will involve removal of vegetation and construction of bridges, including across the Yarra River.

With the Stage 1B planning permit now in place, construction will start later in the year.

In other Trail news, Labor recently announced that, if elected next week, they will put up $4.9 million towards fully funding stage 2A of the Yarra Valley Trail extension.

This section, pushed as a priority in our recent Victorian Budget Submission, would run between which would run between Yarra Glen and the town of Tarrawarra.

The Stage 2A extension, roughly 7km in length, is anticipated to generate 27 jobs and attract 220,000 visitors a year.

The long term vision is to fully connect the Yarra Valley Trail with the Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail in the south, thereby creating an active travel network across Lilydale, Yarra Glen, Healesville, Warburton and other townships.

This would be a win for the Yarra Valley, not only for ramping up tourism and recreation, but also offering active travel options for locals.

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